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Email Preview Formats

Analyze Comprehensive Range of Email Types

Email Preview

The tool is robust enough to handle native email clients and web based email services with the same proficiency. Irrespective of the email client that is being used, be it desktop - based email client or web – based email services, the tool will discover the smoking guns for you, thus, providing the every trace of available Inculpatory Evidence.

Supported Email Categories

  • Desktop - Based Email Formats: Outlook PST, Lotus Notes NSF, Thunderbird, Exchange Server, Sea Monkey, MBOX, The Bat, Exchange Offline Storage, Outlook Express, EML, MSG, IncrediMail 2.0, and many more.
  • Web - Based Email Services: Gmail, Google Apps, Google Apps Admin, Hotmail, Live Exchange, Office365, Yahoomail, IMAP, Rackspace, iCloud and many more.
  • Image Files: DD, DMG, LEF, Zip Archived file and E01 (Enacase Image File) Files.

Case Management via MailXaminer

Analyze Native Email File Formats

File: The File tab shows various email file formats that can be thoroughly examined using the software. With the launch of the latest version of the tool, now, more than 20 renowned email file formats can be traversed and examined forensically. Some of the renowned email formats include:

  • EML
  • PST
  • OST
  • NSF
  • OLM
  • ZDB
  • EDB
  • IMM
  • MSG

 File Formats

Investigate Mailbox of Web – Based Email Services

Web: The software works in a glean manner by allowing the investigators to go through the mailboxes of the web - based email services too. The emails of web - based email services such as Gmail, Google Apps, Google Apps Admin, Hotmail, etc. can be analyzed using the tool. Some of the renowned web - based email services include:

  • Gmail
  • IMAP
  • iCloud
  • Hotmail
  • Office365
  • Zoho Mail
  • Rackspace
  • Live@EDU
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Google Apps
  • Live Exchange
  • Google Apps Admin


Investigate Mailbox of Web – Based Email Services

Image: The E01 (Encase Image File Format) file keeps backup of various types of acquired digital evidences that includes disk imaging, storing of logical files, etc. You can easily analyze the email data available within the E01 files.


Analyze Email Files in Bulk

Bulk: The software allows you to add multiple files for forensic analysis, at a time. Under the Bulk tab, either you can add individual files, or browse the complete folder.