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Designed from the ground up, as an Email Examination Tool. MailXaminer supports 20+ email file formats and 750+ MIME types. Thus, leveraging the examination of 80+ email clients

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Dedicated to simplify email forensics with a result – oriented approach.

Being pioneers of data recovery, we have a great understanding of the anatomy of emails and carving information from email header data. With increasing expertize, we have precisely gained complete info about 20+ email formats. MailXaminer is being used by thousands of forensics professionals around the globe and thus, stands as a benchmarked email forensics tool; quenching each and every required need of email investigations.

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"Designed from the ground up, as an Email Examination Tool; MailXaminer supports 20+ email file formats and 750+ MIME types. Thus, leveraging the examination of 80+ email clients."

Salient Features of Email Forensics Tool

  • Manage the complete case and analyze the filtered evidence via creation of Case Repository.
  • Support to Search in Image(s) content with "OCR (Optical Character Recognition) " process.
  • Provide support for encrypted PST, OST, EDB files by S/MIME and OpenPGP encryptions.
  • Agile & robust Keyword based Search filter to find the evidence from the email data instantly.
  • Examine the email of iCloud, Office365, Rackspace, Gmail, Hotmail & Live Exchange Server.
  • Track connection among multiple suspects by using the Intelligent Link Analysis mechanism.
  • Provide the support to view SHA1, SHA256 and MD5 Hash Values of the suspected email.
  • Analyze & investigate data available within E01, DD, Zip Archived file, LEF and DMG file type.
  • Recover deleted email components & present the evidence in court acceptable format.
  • Added language support for search in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish languages.
  • Recover deleted email components & present the evidence in court acceptable format.
  • Examine Database Details (Chat,SMS,Calls)of Skype Messaging Application individually,
  • Without disconnecting the Exchange EDB file, investigate Live Exchange Server mailbox data.
  • Team Collaboration feature assists multiple investigators to work on the same case as a team.
  • Support to analyze pornographic/obscene images using Skin Tone Analysis mechanism.
  • Logs Management to view Activity Details performed during mail examination
  • Export Report comprising of detailed info can be generated in HTML, CSV & PDF formats.
  • Get complete information of the data within suspect file via graph based Dashboard View.

mailXaminer team version

Collaboratively Investigate on a Case

Simplify Team collaboration for cases that require multiple investigators

MailXaminer enables investigators to sift and organize e-mail data in preparation for investigations that require keyword searching, tagging, bookmarking pertinent information, and link analysis between users. MailXaminer Team version 1.3.1 allows collaboration of multiple users working on a single case. Users can work independently on the same case, can perform same searches or can distribute their search parameters depending on the complexity of the case. mailXaminer Team version 1.3.1 will synchronize progress across the team.

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MailXaminer Team Version 1.3.1 Features

  • Has all the existing mailXaminer features
  • Supports over 20 different mail formats including web-based mail
  • Seamless device management allows admin to add, remove, edit register and unregister devices
  • Quick and easy deployment process
  • Increased productivity using powerful collaboration capabilities that allows users to collaborate and work on same or different cases
  • Simple user management that allows admin to add or edit user, provide user permissions and reset user password
  • Maintains all audit logs for both the client and the server for enhanced defensibility


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