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Designed exclusively to meet all kinds of digital forensic challenges while performing the examination of emails. MailXaminer supports 20+ file formats and 750+ MIME types. Thus, leveraging the examination of 80+ email clients.

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Digital Forensics Tool

Best Email Forensics Software

Being pioneers of data recovery, we have a detailed understanding about the anatomy of emails which helps us to carve information from email header data. With the increasing expertise extended with every passing year, we have precisely gained complete information about 20+ email file formats.

MailXaminer is being used by thousands of forensic professionals around the globe and thus stands as a benchmarked email forensics tool. After undergoing thorough research, all the features were developed by our team of technocrats to meet the complicated hurdles which the investigating officers may have to face during the email examination. It is developed with the motive to satisfy each and every complication that comes in while carrying out the investigation of emails.

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Case Management

Simplified Case Management Approach

The digital forensics software is loaded with remarkable features that allow to easily create new cases within the software panel. It also renders log management functionality that records every single activity during the email analysis process. Option to avail team collaboration to swiftly coordinate with multiple investigators while working on the same case. The email forensics software also generates a detailed report of the analyzed file which can be saved in different file formats.

  • Create Case Repository to efficiently manage & thoroughly analyze the cases
  • Logs Management to maintain logs in order to view all the activities performed by the forensic experts during the email examination
  • Added Language support for search in Korean and Japanese international languages
  • Team Collaboration feature assists multiple investigators to work on the same case as a team
  • Option to save the Export report in the file format of your choice such as HTML, PDF & CSV

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Analyze Different File Formats

Email Examination Tool to Analyze Different File Formats

MailXaminer can support files from both desktop-based and web-based email clients. After scanning the email files, it will generate hash values for every single email. Moreover, it is developed with powerful algorithms to examine files from different image files. The best part is that this multi-purpose software renders all these amazing features in a simplified user interface.

  • Easily examine data files from iCloud, Office365, Rackspace, Gmail, Hotmail & Live Exchange Server
  • Provides preview of SHA1, SHA256 and MD5 hash values of the suspected email
  • Analyze & investigate data available within E01, DD, Zip Archived File, LEF and DMG file type
  • Without disconnecting the Exchange EDB file, investigate Live Exchange Server mailbox data in a hassle-free way

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Email Analysis Approach

Avail the Best Ever Email Analysis Approach

Using this proficient email forensics tool, now there are no more worries to examine data, regardless of the file type. The utility can efficiently search keywords from different files like PDF, DOCX, JPEG, etc. from the email attachments. Besides this, the software offers advanced analytics options such as Word Cloud, Timeline Analysis, Link Analysis & Entity Analysis to thoroughly investigate the email data.

  • Support to search keywords from attachment files using "OCR” (Optical Character Recognition) technology
  • Agile & robust Keyword-based Search options to find the evidence from the email files instantly
  • Tracks connection between multiple suspects with the help of Intelligent Link Analysis mechanism
  • Timeline Analysis displays graphical representation of the frequency of emails by Year, Month, Day
  • Option to analyze pornographic/obscene images using Skin Tone Analysis mechanism

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Encrypted, Deleted, Corrupted

Investigate Encrypted, Deleted & Corrupted Email Data Files

MailXaminer is developed concerning the challenging situation which the investigating officers may have to face. The digital forensics tool is capable enough to examine email data files which are damaged, deleted or encrypted. One can effectively perform the analysis of such files without facing any kind of technical disputes. It facilitates countless improved features thereby making the forensic experts to dig in deeper to the various email attributes.

  • Efficiently examine data from encrypted PST, OST, EDB files having S/MIME and OpenPGP Encryption
  • Recover Deleted Email data from PST, OST, EDB files & presents the evidence in court acceptable format
  • Capable to Recover Corruption from all email data files except NSF file
  • Examine database details (Chat, SMS, Calls) from Skype Messaging Application individually

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