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Email Platforms

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Email Data Files

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Search Types

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Decoding digital communications made simple with our most popular Email Investigation Tool that is specially designed to fulfill user requirements.

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Email Forensics Tool
Supports Email Data from Several Platforms
6 Search Types to Find the Needle in the Haystack
5 Advance Filters to List Only Relevant Data
Multi-Lingual Search to Search Results in Different Languages
Analysis Options – Link, Timeline, and Word Cloud

report format

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Multi-Platform Support in the Best Email Forensics Tool

Unleash the Power of Email Forensics Analysis with an All Inclusive Software.

Email Clients

Supports 25+ email file formats to be processed for in-depth forensics.

Web Email Servers

Compatible with various IMAP based web mail servers.

Disk Image

Load disk image files into tool and process mail containers within them.


Add Skype DB file to scan and analyze sensitive calls and chats.

Email Clients

Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Email Forensics and Investigations

Advanced Set of Features

Try the Best Ever Email Investigation Tool

The utility can efficiently search evidence within attachments (PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, etc.) with the help of OCR technology. Furthermore, the forensic email analysis tool offers advanced analysis options like Word Cloud Analysis, Timeline Analysis, and Link Analysis to thoroughly investigate the email data.

Support to search keywords from attachment files using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology

Agile & robust Keyword-based Search options to find the evidence from the email files instantly.

Tracks connection between multiple suspects with the help of Intelligent Link Analysis mechanism.

Timeline Analysis displays graphical representation of the frequency of emails by Year, Month, Day.

Option to analyze pornographic / obscene images using Skin Tone Analysis mechanism.

Explore the Robust Features for Unmatched Email Forensics and Investigation.

case management
scan & load

Empowering Investigations with Cutting-Edge Technology: Discover the Vision and Expertise Behind Email Forensics Software

Numerous Email Data Files Supported

Investigate Encrypted, Deleted & Corrupted Email Data Files

This application is developed concerning the challenging situation which the investigating officers may have to face. The Email Forensics Tool is capable enough to examine email data files which are damaged, deleted or encrypted.

Efficiently examine data from encrypted PST, OST, EDB files having S/MIME and OpenPGP Encryption.

Recover Deleted Email data from PST, OST, EDB files & presents the evidence in court acceptable format.

Advanced Email Investigation Tool is capable to repair corrupted email data files except NSF file.

Examine database details (Chat, SMS, Calls) from Skype Messaging Application individually.

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analyze emails for investigators

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Best Email Forensics Software

Being the pioneers of digital forensics, we have a detailed understanding about the anatomy of emails. It helps us to carve crucial information from emails and perform email header forensics and other measures extensively. With the increasing expertise extended with every passing year, we have precisely gained complete information about 20+ email file formats.

MailXaminer is being used by thousands of forensic professionals around the globe and thus stands as a benchmarked email forensics tool. After undergoing thorough research, all the features were developed by our team of technocrats to meet the complicated hurdles which the investigating officers may have to face during the email investigation.

It is developed with the motive to satisfy each and every complication that comes in while carrying out the investigation of emails.

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This is a highly secure and reliable solution trusted by many professionals and elite organizations. We make sure that our clients get the best experience while performing email forensics.

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Commonly Asked Queries

What Users Generally Ask While Running this Email Forensic Analysis Software?

The simple guide to perform email forensics are:

  • Download this Email Forensics Tool for free
  • Create a case and choose Evidence platform
  • Apply Evidence Settings and add Evidence file
  • Use Search Option to find desired emails
  • Extract Selected Evidence Data in multiple options
  • Generate detailed forensic reports for future reference

Yes, being one of the best emails forensic tools in the industry, this software supports recovery of deleted emails from specific evidence files. This functionality works on certain file types like PST, OST, EDB, etc. The software will highlight the recovered emails in red color.

Yes, the tool comes integrated with an OCR technology that you can enable while adding evidence into the tool. Moreover, there are 6 search types that you can use to perform in-depth forensic analysis of email data. Thus, when you perform any kind of searches, the software will thoroughly scan and highlight the searched data in the dashboard. Additionally, with OCR functionality enabled, the software will also scan the attachments within email messages.

No, there is no predefined limit on the number of evidence files that you can add. This software makes sure that you have a seamless experience while performing thorough analysis on evidence files.

There are over 7 preview options to help you forensically analyze email data. The preview options are Message, Attachment, Properties, Message Header, MIIME, HTML, RTF, and HEX view.


Working Guide of Email Forensics Software

Dedicated to Simplify the Process of Email Investigation Using Distinctive Features

Case Management

Creation of New Case

Analysis of Emails

Email Evidence Export


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