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Experience the world class features of the MailXaminer software to deeply investigate your email evidence in multiple dimensions. Complete your examination across 80+ email clients & major cloud platforms.


Advanced & Proficient Features of MailXaminer

Get Modern Advanced Features for All Five Phases of Email Investigation

Key Features

Specific Advanced Features of MailXaminer's

MailXaminer email investigation software offers advanced features that helps in core investigation of email evidence based on the specific requirements of the digital forensic invetsigators.

Search Mechanism

Renders Powerful Search Mechanism using various search options & logical operators. Read More ❯

Advanced Link Analysis

Advanced Link Analysis to detect the relationship between multiple emails connected with each other. Read More ❯

Advanced OCR

Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to search image content or keywords from the attachment files. Read More ❯

Timeline Analysis

Timeline Analysis displays frequency of emails by Year, Month & Day in a Graphical Structure. Read More ❯

Word Cloud Analysis

Word Cloud Analysis provides a visual representation of the frequency of words used within the email message by variation in size. Read More ❯

Image Mapping

Geolocation Image Mapping to track the image location and other information like Latitude, Longitude & Altitude. Read More ❯

Entity Analysis

Entity Analysis helps to find the words in an email, specifically location oriented (Country, State, etc.) along with their usage frequency.

Database Analysis

Supports Skype Database Analysis to find direct/indirect communication via calls, chats, etc. Read More ❯


Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to User Queries Related to MailXaminer & Email Examination

No, the MailXaminer Digital Forenics Tool is not free to use. Investigators need to purchase their licence for using it.

The primary role of email forensics is to investigate, extract, preview, analyze & prepare report of email evidences to explore malicious transactions, links & other crucial findings.

There are several processes included in the entire email forensics that are mentioned below:
  • Gathering Email Data Files
  • Email Header Analysis
  • Email Server Analysis
  • Network Devices Investigation
  • Link Analysis of Email Users
  • Cloud Platfrom Emails Analysis
  • Offline MailClient Emails Analysis
  • Disk Image Emails Analysis
  • Report Generation of Investigation

With the growth of communication sector through digital mode especially emails, the cyber crimes through emails has raised. Phishing emails, Spam Emails, Baiting Email scams, are most common.

Tracking an email for a cyber crime includes, examining the email prooperties, attachments, other linked users, etc.


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