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MailXaminer Key Features

MailXaminer is a feature-rich utility having a user-friendly interface that offers result-oriented features. Provides proficient features to Acquire, Recover, Analyze & Report comprehensively.

Powerful Search Mechanism

Renders Powerful Search Mechanism using various search options & logical operators. Read More

Advanced Link Analysis

Advanced Link Analysis to detect the relationship between multiple emails connected with each other. Read More

Advanced OCR

Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to search image content or keywords from the attachment files. Read More

Timeline Analysis

Timeline Analysis displays frequency of emails by Year, Month & Day in a Graphical Structure. Read More

Word Cloud Analysis

Word Cloud Analysis provides a visual representation of the frequency of words used within the email message by variation in size. Read More

Geolocation Image Mapping

Geolocation Image Mapping to track the image location and other information like Latitude, Longitude & Altitude. Read More

Entity Analysis

Entity Analysis helps to find the words in an email, specifically location oriented (Country, State, etc.) along with their usage frequency. Read More

Skype Database Analysis

Supports Skype Database Analysis to find direct/indirect communication via calls, chats, etc. Read More

MailXaminer – Highlighted Features

100% Reliable Email Analysis Software to Thoroughly Examine Emails

Analysis of Calendar

Analysis of Calendar Data Item

The software is developed with a powerful algorithm, which provides an option to preview and analyze calendar data item from various file formats such as PST, OST, EDB, etc. Investigation officers can easily examine different calendar attributes like Calendar Recipients, Calendar Sent & Received Date, etc. using Search Criteria option from the Search tab.

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Decrypt S/MIME & OpenPGP

Decrypt S/MIME & OpenPGP Emails

Undoubtedly, it is quite challenging for digital forensic examiners to analyze encrypted files. With this remarkable email forensic software, it is no more a complicated task to remove encryption. It can efficiently remove S/MIME & OpenPGP encryption from Outlook PST, OST and Exchange EDB data files by selecting Scan Settings >> Encryption option.

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Search Subsets

Option to Search Subsets

The tool facilitates an option to search data within emails using various subsets. The different subset options includes From, To, Subject, Sent, Received, Size, MD5, etc. Using these options, one can effortlessly narrow down the searches to find the relevant emails which can act as a solid proof in the investigation process.

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Sort & Filter Data

Facility to Sort & Filter Data

Once the evidential files are imported to the software panel, it provides an option to sort and filter data. The investigating officers can sort files in ascending and descending order for different attributes like File Name, Custodian, Size (MB), etc. Similarly, it can also be filtered by specifying the file name or file formats under File Name section. Likewise, filtering can be applied for other attributes as well.

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Multiple Email Formats

Support Multiple Email File Formats

MailXaminer is designed to support email data files from both desktop-based and web-based email applications. One of the remarkable features of the tool is the ability to support 20+ email file types. The software is capable enough to import bulk email data files using CSV file.

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Skin Tone Image Analysis

Facilitates Skin Tone Image Analysis

This proficient email examination software comes up with an out of the box feature i.e., analysis of skin tone from the image file. The investigating officers can filter out obscene or pornographic images using skin tone analysis. The software can efficiently find obscene images from attachment files like DOCX, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.

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MailXaminer: Additional Result-Oriented Features

Email Investigation Tool to Analyze Emails for Investigators with Speed, Accuracy & Ease

MailXaminer Features

Enhanced PDF Settings

While exporting the data to PDF, the software renders various PDF settings options that can be easily customized based on the user’s requirement. The digital forensic investigating officers can make use of various customized options such as Page Layout, Properties, Attachment, Bates Number. One can avail these options which will be shown in the resultant PDF file while maintaining the confidentiality of the analyzed information.

Hash Algorithm Support

With the help of MailXaminer, it becomes easy for forensic investigators to thoroughly examine the email data. The software generates MD5, SHA1, SHA256 for individual emails that allows to ease up the investigation process. Moreover, the produced hash value helps in proving the authenticity of the email data. It establishes the fact whether the email data was tampered with or not.

Tagging of Emails

Out of the innumerable emails that need to be examined, it becomes a tiresome task to find appropriate emails that relates to the investigation. The software incorporates an amazing feature i.e., to tag emails to differentiate them as per their importance or need. Data tagging helps the forensic examiner to identify a particular data from the bulk emails in a precise way.

Schedule IMAP Accounts Backup

The latest MailXaminer Version 4.9.3 provides an option to schedule IMAP accounts backup for web-based email application. At first, the utility will sync and load the complete data for scanning. After which, the software frequently monitors the account every 24 hours to sync the recently arrived data. Additionally, it also provides the functionality to disable it by availing Stop Schedule option.

Discover the Smarter Email Forensic Software

Noteworthy Features to Flawlessly Investigate Email Data Files

Team Collaboration

Facilitates Team Collaboration

This ultra-quick email examiner software provides team collaboration functionality to work on the same case simultaneously. This will allow multiple individuals/forensic examiners to work collaboratively by interconnecting on the same network. Besides this, it will also increase the efficiency of the investigation process to a greater extent. Read More

Search Index Language

Search Index Language

MailXaminer is designed in a manner to meet the challenging requirements of the investigating officers. The software comes in different product interface i.e., English, Japanese and Korean. Besides this, it also provides the functionality to avail multiple index languages. Apart from English language, the various index languages offered by the software include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and Spanish. Read More

Case Management

Case Management

The software renders advanced case management option which creates a case repository that will help to prevent data contamination. This option will allow forensic investigators to efficiently manage multiple cases without facing any hindrances. Besides this, it includes various other options such as facility to analyze & recover email, scan status, bookmarking and much more. Read More

Multiple Export Options

Offers Multiple Export Options

During the court proceedings, the forensic investigators need to submit the documentary evidence of the suspected email message in court admissible file format. For that, the email analysis software renders multiple export options that help to simplify the investigation process by generating court acceptable file format. The different export file types include Concordance, CSV, HTML, EML, MSG, PST, TIFF, etc. Read More