Word Cloud Analysis – Text Data Visual Representation

MailXaminer | May 25th, 2020 | Forensics

In digital forensics investigation, while examining large amounts of emails from the data file, investigating officers may have to face a couple of challenges. Using the “Word Cloud” analysis, helps the examiner to find potential evidences. This is because it enables tracking the maximum utilized words from the suspected emails.

Word Cloud or Tag Cloud is the visual representation of text data from the scanned email messages. This way of analysis makes the interpretation and examination process easy to fetch out the evidence from the text as a whole. During the email analysis, forensic experts prefer using word cloud technique to gather the words which are having the maximum frequency. After this, they can perform an in-depth investigation of these words. As a result, we have come up with this post to elaborate on the concept of word cloud analysis in a proficient way.

What is Word Cloud Visualization?

Investigation of emails using the word cloud analysis highlights the frequently utilized words from the email message. Word cloud is a pictorial representation of a cluster of clouds, which is also known as Tag Cloud or Text Cloud. Word cloud generates a pictorial representation of words with different colors and sizes.

Different color of words makes the representation attractive and impactful, whereas the difference in the size of words means a lot. Bigger the size of words indicates high-frequency words whereas smaller the size of words indicates less frequency. It is an amazing feature that is useful in gaining a quick insight of prominent items in the given email message.

Benefits of Using Word Cloud Email Analysis

There are different advantages of using word cloud functionality that helps to carve all those sensitive artifacts. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

  • Word Cloud is Impactful – Word cloud is impactful because it reflects the text from the particular email message in the form of an image, hence making it clear. Users can instantly get an idea about the theme and topic of the text from the word cloud visualization.
  • Word Cloud adds Clarity – The word cloud representation adds clarity to the text view. It makes it easy to analyze and examine the text data out of the emails. Investigators can view the words or terms used in the email message.
  • Word Cloud is Easy to Understand – The pictorial representation of word cloud email analysis is simple and easy to understand. It provides detailed information of the same i.e., frequency of words along with the count in the tabular format. Investigating officers can easily analyze the importance of words by viewing the word cloud representation for the suspected email message.
  • Word Cloud Report is Easy to Export and Print – Users can export the word cloud report in CSV format containing words and their frequencies. MailXaminer also provides the option to “Print” the word cloud report of emails showing text or word in a pictorial format.

Why Forensic Investigators Use Word Cloud Feature?

During the investigation process, an examiner uses word cloud analysis to examine the emails in a precise manner. It helps them to gain a close insight into the large email files to find the evidence. In the word cloud representation, it visualizes words and highlights the weighted term/word as a whole. As the words of high frequency are being displayed in a bigger size, it makes the analysis process easy for forensic experts.

Investigators use smart forensic tools like MailXaminer to generate the word cloud of huge data. The Email Analysis Tool is efficient enough to create a word cloud from emails and help examiners to do analysis in a better way.

Word Cloud Analysis of Emails Using MailXaminer Software

Most of the email forensics software do not offer word cloud feature. As a result, MailXaminer software comes as a rescue, which incorporates the word cloud email analysis features.

This utility helps to analyze the frequently used word from the email message using the word cloud analysis feature. Besides this, it helps the investigators to get the frequency count of words used in the emails in tabular format.

The following are the steps to generate word cloud of the suspected emails using an email examination tool.

Step 1: After adding the email data file into the software, go to the “Search” section of the software. Then, select the email to view the word cloud representation by marking the checkbox corresponding to the respective email message.

Search Option

Step 2: After selecting the emails, click on the “Analytics” tab, which is placed at the top corner of the left side. Then, choose the “Word Cloud” option from the given list.

Word Cloud Analysis

Step 3: Upon clicking the “Word Cloud” option, the tool will generate a cloud of words for the selected emails. In word cloud visualization, the words are displayed in different sizes and colors. If the words are represented in big size, it denotes that the particular word has got higher frequency in the selected email message. On the other side, smaller size words indicate the lowest frequencies.

Moreover, on the right side of the screen, a table is shown with the words used in the email message along with the frequency count of words.

Word Cloud Analysis of Emails

Final Words

Word cloud feature plays an important role to swiftly investigate the emails. Therefore, there arises a need among investigating officers to avail of this functionality. However, a majority of email forensic tools are not incorporated with this feature. As a result, this blog has described a perfect tool i.e., MailXaminer to examine emails using word cloud features. Besides word cloud, the software is induced with various other advanced features that help to thoroughly investigate cybercrime.