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Case Studies & Success Stories

Theft of Trade Secrets Case Solved Successfully

A Chicago based company underwent huge financial losses after recurring Project tender losses to its rival company. This rival company which was recently established came up as a competitor threat. Product Manager came to know that some data of systems has been misappropriated. Company suspected that one amongst the former employees misused their computer systems and then delivered the secret databases. An urgent forensics investigation of users' emails were required.

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Investigated & Collected Evidences Against Cyber Stalking

The individual, a known face in the international business world, reported against the unidentified delinquent who has had been sending him odious mails. The report was registered in the nearby police station. He demanded identification of the culprit and further action within a limited time period.

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Theft & Trade of Intellectual Property For Unlawful Purposes

To obtain relevant evidences against a recently employed executive for committing the theft of intellectual property belonging to the previous employers and further trading it via email, for unknown illegitimate purposes.

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Detection of Obscene Images through Skin Tone Analysis

To obtain relevant evidence regarding sharing of obscene images of a female employee. Also to present the carved evidence in an acceptable format in the court of law. Usage of the Skin Tone Analysis feature of the tool.

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