Who We Are

Your Forensics Companion

SysTools Inc is into the business of providing high-technology tools with user friendly interface, that ensures to offer users from around the world with the solution they have been looking for, along with ease. The team is working towards supplying, an advanced range of user oriented solutions since the year 2007. Along with being one of the leading brands of software solution providers, we have simultaneously contributed to an extensive range of data recovery, backup solutions, as well as email forensic tools.

about us

Since establishment, a spectacular amount of achievement was accomplished in the data recovery field of software solutions. However, the first, major launch done in the field of eDiscovery applications, was Email Forensic Investigation & Analysis Tool which is lead by MailXaminer a complete Toolkit for the Documentation, Analysis, Examination, and Reporting of email evidences.


We have been in the online market for a fairly large time, and moreover, have had a technical exposure longer than that. Owing to which, the company is not only standing amongst the industry pioneers, but is also comparatively growing largely faster in the arena of innovative software technologies. Developments belonging to the brand not only portray perfection, but also that, the market and user needs are well understood as well as delivered considering the end user convenience.

Vision & Mission

To attain the expertise of providing powerfully efficient and result oriented solutions, for businesses, corporations and enterprises. And to deliver data recovery, management, and eDiscovery solutions to users worldwide.