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analyze emails for investigators


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Register with us today to get a complete idea of MailXaminer and MailXaminer Team working process and how it helps the forensic examiners or inverstigators in resolving the cyber crime cases. The webinar will be a complete video tutorial that we will send you via email on your registered email address.

Join our webinar session to get live with industry experts and understand the challenges they face during the toughest email investigation.

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Components of Webinar

Check Out What Else We Have for you Besides the Live Video

Complete Product Manual Alongwith the live video; we will also provide you the complete manual or guide to understand the working and functionalities of MailXaminer and Team Version
Interactive Webinar Our experts will connect you to have a live interactive session to answer your queries based on cyber security, email forensics and MailXaminer
Online Training Session We can help you train and get certified as "MailXaminer Experts" via our classroom training program. You can also have a online training session; if classroom training is not feasible.
Evidence Analysis: Learning how to analyze the digital artifacts, extract crucial evidences and generate a final report in the form that is acceptable in the court of law.
Session with Live Case We will show you how Mailxaminer and Mailxaminer Team Version is been used on Live case to acquire email data, examine it and generate accurate reporting through it.

analyze emails for investigators


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We offer extensive training and internship to freshers as well as experts who are keenly interested to enter into the digital forensics and cyber securtiy arena. Our industry experts will help you to get well versed in handling and understanding the most common applications or devices available for cyber crime investigation.

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