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MailXaminer Certified Expert

We offer extensive training and internship to freshers as well as experts who are keenly interested to enter into the digital forensics and cyber securtiy arena. Our industry experts will help you to get well versed in handling and understanding the most common applications or devices available for cyber crime investigation.

We Train you to become a digital forensic expert in 15 days !

We offer trainings to both entry level and experts to become MailXaminer and MailXaminer Team certified expert. Our course module includes:

  • Introductory Session - 2 Days
    In this we will let you understand the digital forensic, cyber security and the challenges
  • Training Session - 3 days
    You will be guided to understand the most popularly used email file formats & digital forensic equipments.
  • Session for Live RAM analysis
    Learn how to aqcuire a live RAM & perform investigation on it. Understand various email file formats & data recovery concept
  • Evidence Analysis:

    Learning how to analyze the digital artifacts, extract crucial evidences and generate a final report in the form that is acceptable in the court of law.

  • MailXaminer certification - 2 days
    We will provide you complete training for MailXaminer tool and MailXaminer Team to help you understanding the features, usage and final reporting procedures

Looking for an Online Training ? If yes then register yourself!

If classroom training is not feasible for you then join our online training session. For this you need to first register yourself via our Enquiry Form and our experts will provide you an online training alongwith a complete course module.

For online training & MailXaminer Certification, email us at

Note:The expert level training of MailXaminer certification is only for professionals belonging to any Law Enforcement agencies or firm. However, freshers are free to join our training or internship program to become MailXaminer certified expert.

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