Email Examiner Software to Analyze Emails for Investigators with Speed, Accuracy & Ease

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MailXaminer v4.9.3

Search and uncover relevant information

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MailXaminer Team v1.3.2

Collaborate with Multiple Investigators

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Our services

Law Agencies

Law Agencies

Search and uncover relevant information by conducting, coordinating and real time monitoring of case with your investigative team to get thorough and unambiguous evidence data in court admissible file format. The software complies with benchmark values of EDRM model.

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Legal Services

Legal Services

Manage, collaborate & gain strategic insight by building strong admissible evidence verifiable MD5 hash format- "A digital seal of trust" under the law. Learn why E-Mail Examiner is an indispensable part of discovery & case file management in litigation process.

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Evidence Examiner

Evidence Examiner

Dig Deeper, broader to Identify and respond to company policy violation with real fact and insights. Combat infringement and corporate espionage by locating the mole leaking your trade secret. The software will give you the email break you looking for.

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Email Examiner Software to Analyze Emails for Investigators with Speed, Accuracy & Ease

E-Mail Examiner offers a performance with speed yet accuracy, and is a proven, easy-to-operate email examiner program. With passing years, it has become the preferred choice of investigators belonging to reputed and significant law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Serving support for more than 20+ varieties of email formats and applications, the mail examination tool extends its support to an additional number of web based email services and remote messaging accounts (via IMAP). Thus, providing you with the freedom of conducting email analysis of just about any mailbox type.

Email Examiner

Mail Analysis Program

Apart from the software glimpse provided above, here is something more that the Mail examiner tool has in store for you:

  • High Dependency, due to the secure handling of data guaranteed.
  • Convenience of operation provided via a GUI resembling Microsoft Outlook.
  • Advance Search that quickly distinguishes relevant evidences particularly.
  • Time Reduction with advance search, quick scanning, and accurate analysis options.

However, there is more to email examination than this which makes it a complete email examiner application for investigators and experts from digital investigation department.

Our features

20+ Email Formats Supported

Extensive list of email formats to help you view any email anytime. email formats

Search Terabytes of Email Data

Dig Deeper & get stats, facts & insight all managed under one tool. email formats

Flexible Evidence Report Formats

Get evidence files in formats with universal acceptability & approval. email formats

One Case, Multiple Investigators

Add unlimited users to investigate a case through user management dashboard.

Sync Case Progress in Real Time

Research, upload and sync case files in real time with MailXaminer Team’s license.

Control User Permissions

Give full or restricted case access to users depending on their role and complexity.

Our Testimonials

Our Blogs

October 23rd, 2020 MailXaminer

A Brief Guide to Perform Email Forensics in Outlook Mac OLM File

Nowadays, as the rate of digital crimes associated with several email clients is increasing rapidly, the need for forensics investigation of suspected mailboxes has also been tremendously

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October 22nd, 2020 MailXaminer

Raw Image Digital Forensics – Fight Crimes, Unravel Incidents

User-Scenario: Mr. John Thomas, a digital forensic examiner is working with a forensic investigation team. He was called to examine a Cybercrime scene, in which he extracts

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October 21st, 2020 MailXaminer

Extract Evidence from Outlook PST File into EML Format

EML is the file extension used to save single mail message file containing header, message & attachments. It provides support for non-text attachments & non-ASCII character sets

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