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Proximity, Fuzzy & Stem Search – Advance Search Methods In Digital Forensics

Search Techniques In Mailxaminer
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No doubt,  it is a tedious process to find hidden evidence within the emails.  In order to implement forensic email search, the manual search mechanism takes a lot of time and effort to find potential evidence.

Therefore, MailXaminer comes into picture. It is one of the most advanced and powerful forensics software which is used to search case-relevant keywords and find the hidden evidence using forensic search methods. Moreover, the latest version of MailXaminer consists of numerous advance searching options which helps in systematic evidence collection and data analysis. So, let’s discuss the advanced searching techniques in detail along with its working.

Proximity Systematic Search Process in Digital Forensics

Proximity Search: It is a searching mechanism that helps a user to find two or more words that are separated within a specific distance. Users have to input the suspected words in the “Search box and enter the number of the distance between the searched words under the “Distance Between Words” field. After which, it will scan all the files and display the result for the same.

For Example:

If you want to search “final” and “Packing” which are separated in 5 words of the distance in the file. You can search as:

“final packing” 1

The result will be like: I hope that, when I’ve built up my savings, I’ll be able to travel to London and will do final packing.

How to Perform the Proximity Forensic Search Method Using MailXaminer?

  • Select the Proximity Search Option: At first, you need to choose the “Proximity Search” option from the “Search” section.

select proximity search

  • Enter search words: During the forensic email search process, input the combination words in the search box of the Proximity tab and also specify the number of words in the “Distance Between Words” field, to perform the Proximity systematic search methodology.

proximity search

  • Preview the Emails: Software will preview all the emails according to your search criteria.

preview emails

  • Export Option: Select and Export the suspected emails for evidence.


What is Stem Search Method in Digital Forensics?

Stem Searches: Stem search is another advanced searching techniques that searches the words with the help of root word. This feature will help to find all the possible variants of search terms based on root words in this systematic search methodology.

For Example: If the user searches the word comes from “road” then, it will show all resultant files having possible variants based on the root word “road”, “roadway”, “roadside”, “roadmap”, etc.

How to Perform the Stem Forensic Search Method with MailXaminer Software?

  • Select the Stem Search Option: To perform the systematic search process, select the “Stem Search” option from the “Search Section”.

select stem search

  • Enter the Suspected Root Word: Input the root word under the search field and press enter. It will show all the emails according to the stem search algorithm.

stem search

  • Preview the Result: Software will preview all the emails. One can Preview and thoroughly analyze the emails to find the evidence.

preview emails

  • Export Option: Select the emails to export and click on the “Export” button.


Fuzzy Search – Systematic Search Methodology in Digital Forensics

Fuzzy Search: Fuzzy search is another forensic search method used for systematic searching that helps to find the evidence in the emails. Along with that, it also helps the user to do premise search. It is a common search that helps to find the data without considering the spelling mistakes. If the user doesn’t know about the exact word and searches with the wrong spelling, it will automatically detect the correct word.

For Example: If a users search words in the wrong way like “commniation” it will automatically detect and show results with “communication”.

How to Perform Fuzzy Systematic Search with MailXaminer ?

  • Select the Fuzzy Search Option: Select the “Stem Search” option from the “Search Section”.

select fuzzy search

  • Input the Mis-write Word: In forensic email search, mention the word in the search field and it will show all the corresponding emails related to that word.

fuzzy search

  • Preview Fuzzy Search ResultThe software will preview all the emails. From which, users can efficiently preview and analyze the emails to find the evidence.

preview emails

  • Export Option: Select the emails accordingly to find the evidence and click on the “Export” button.


 The Closing Words

Forensic search methods are been used to improve the speed in finding the desired emails and to ease the process of finding evidence. Therefore, we have discussed how to easily search the desired email data with the powerful search mechanism of the tool. It includes Proximity Search, Stem Search and Fuzzy SearchThis email forensic tool, MailXaminer offers easy-to-use interface enabling non-technical users to easily implement the forensic email search. Besides this, it also helps to analyze large sets of email files and supports multiple file formats.