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Powerful Search Mechanism

analyze email files

Any eDiscovery tool needs to have an inbuilt search mechanism to help the investigators discover smoking guns. The strength of analyzing email artifacts is further emphasized by the powerful and robust Search mechanism of the application. Its search algorithms hits that most of the competitors will miss. All the searches made can be saved for later retrieval. This saves a lot of time for the investigators in case the same search is to be made multiple times. Depending upon the level of sophistication involved in the search exercise, Software categorizes its searches into 4 Levels.

Case Management via MailXaminer

General Search

Generic Search working on the Basis of Keywords

"General Search" is basically a generic search used for an overall search in all the scanned files. Users can input a either a single keyword or a list of keywords and can hit the search button to get the results. Keywords mentioned within double quotes, fetch results matching with the exact keyword. The General search can be further be narrowed down to be more specific, by searching for keywords in specific fields like subject, sender, receiver, mail body etc.

Proximity Search

Proximity Search – A Hit & Trial Method

The "Proximity Search" input two words & asks for providing an approx number (from zero to infinity) of words between those two characters. This search can be executed by the Hit & Trial method. Given example shows the email including maximum upto 4 words between the two input characters: