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The Mainstays Of MailXaminer

Anuraag Singh

Anuraag Singh (Forensic Evangelist)

Anuraag Singh, the master brain behind MailXaminer with true understanding of the anatomy of emails. He originated the idea of developing MailXaminer with the aim of simplifying email data investigation for legal purposes.


Natasha Lockhart

Natasha brings forth more than 13+ years of technological sales experience of an executive level. She owns a record of handling, marketing, and prospecting the mid-market authorities as well as the commercial accounts with the provision of development on professional, outbound performance and consumer market front. She is the worldwide lead of business development in the area of entire Digital Forensic solution provisions.

Jude Aloysius

Jude Aloysius (Principal Architect)

Jude Aloysius, Principal Architect of MailXaminer. He understood the role of MailXaminer amongst law enforcements. Also, played an active role in upgrading the architectural designing of the software.