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All in one Email Examine and Management Tool

Evidence Assess and Management The software let you create a case where you can add files of different email format. The case management panel is where you can access all those email data simultaneously.
Evidence Examination Search even from terabytes of data easily. Narrow down your result by applying various filters with proximity search option. Some of the way you can enhance and narrow down your result
  • Search with parameters: The search gives you the ability to perform complex case checking using regular expression search, Fuzzy or Logic Gate Parameters.
  • Keyword Analysis: Create a list of all the important keywords that you think is of potential value and once you submit the data MailXaminer will show you instances where those words have been used.
Documenting and Reporting Export all your examined evidence in multiple file formats for easy documentation of your evidence file.

Technical Consideration

  • Offshore Team Coordination with Smart Review: The Smart Review will let you coordinate and collaborate with your team and review the progress in real time. The MailXaminer understands the necessity of team collaboration and hence comes with different collaborate features to let you manage your team easily.
  • Rich with latest email file format used in the industry: The software is built-in to support 60+ email formats so that no matter what you will be able to view all emails within the application.
  • Adherence to Industry defined quality standards: The software adhere to highest quality standards to make sure that no complication may arise during the investigative process. The output Data is secured with MD5 hash format which help in proving that no alteration has been done with the evidence.
  • Tested on 1TeraByte of data: Software is tested on 1TeraBytes of email data to make sure that even heavy files gets executed without facing any issue.
  • Reporting Format: The software let you convert the gathered evidence data into 9 different file formats with MD5 hashed. If you want to show the evidence to your client you can PDF the data or if planning for further investigation then the concordance format is preferred.
  • Audit Trail: Keep track and vigilance on the whole case with the logs that keeps track of everything happening within the case and case data.
  • Be Advanced, Every Time: As the computer forensic is rapidly evolving and undergoing rapid changes hence we make sure you stay updated with regular software updates.
  • Offshore Coordination with Smart Review: If you are working for clients who need to be coordinated with or maybe your forensic expert is located somewhere else in such cases you can easily coordinate and collaborate with Smart Review feature.