Fight Against Pornography


Analyze and Filter Objectionable Images to

Investigate Pornography

Sharing of obscene images through emails has become a very frequent ingredient of Digital Crimes. This illicit practice of usage of pertinent objectionable images often leads to severe consequences. The investigators face a complex challenge of extracting out such image evidences from email attachments. As time is a very important factor from an investigation point of view, the Forensicators have been looking for such important tools that may easily carve out pornographic or objectionable artifacts.

MailXaminer, now is loaded with a unique feature of Image Analysis in email attachments. This feature of the tool very palpably searches for availability of objectionable images based on the skin tone color of the human beings. The software is capable of filtering out the image files present as attachments as well as the images that are available as a body of other attachments such as .doc files, PDFs, etc.

Step 1: View Image Files

User can view the required analyzed output by the software under the attachment section of Media tab.


Step 2: Suspected Attachment

For the easy analysis of attachments, the tool categorizes the Suspected attachment into Drugs, Extremism, Gore, Porn, Swim & Weapons.