Analysis of Multiple Email Formats

MailXaminer is robust enough to handle native email clients and web based email clients with the same proficiency. No matter which email client you are working with, let it be desktop based email clients like Lotus Notes (NSF), Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook (PST), Eudora (MBX) etc. or, let it be Webmail Clients like Gmail, Google Apps, IMAP, Yahoo, Hotmail etc., MailXaminer will discover the smoking guns for you.

New Case Creation:


email evidence


Fig. 1(a): Adding Single files for scanning

email evidence


Fig. 1(b): Adding Multiple files for scanning

Users can upload single files for scanning by browsing their local machine or by entering credentials for the Webmail clients. For analyzing Webmail clients, users have been given the flexibility to filter and scan emails between a stipulated time period. This can be done by setting the date filter. Taking advantage of the "Throttling" Option, users can set a specific bandwidth to be used for the scanning of webmail based clients.

To save time of the investigators, there is also a provision for uploading files in Bulk. In case there is a folder containing various email formats to be analyzed, they can be put to scanning in one shot by making use of the "Bulk Mode" option.


email evidence


Fig. 2: Adding web based email clients

email evidence


Fig. 3 Adding file in Bulk Mode

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