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MIME Header Analyzer

MIME Header Analyzer: The Perfect Solution Against Cyber Crime

MIME Header Analyzer

MIME(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is the extension of original internet email protocol that let users to share different types of information in email message. This includes text in languages other than English with the usage of non ASCII encoded character, and the 8 bit binary content like files consisting of sounds, images, videos, or computer applications, etc. This MIME header fields information/ parameter can be presented in different bit formation to change the way the header presents senders details. Meanwhile, to break through the bit formation, using the MIME header analyzer application would be helpful for cyber crime investigators with sheer convenience and precise processing.

Why We Need MIME Format In Email Data?

When we consider SMTP protocol we can see that it have a very simple structure that only allow to send messages in NVT-7 bit ASCII format. It can’t be used for languages which are not supported by NVT-7 bit ASCII or it can't be be used to sent binary, audio or video data. The growing demand of email message the user always shows interest to express their messages with the help of multimedia. MIME converts non-textual data into NVT-7 bit data and deliver to SMTP client in reviver side it will transfer back to original message. It also allow the user to sent audio, video data as well it also transfer them to NVT-7 bit automatically. Simply we can define that MIME is a specification for the non textual attachments. Which allows your web browser or email clients to send things like audio, video, spread sheet etc over the internet.

Features Offered by MIME

  • Supports Non ASCII characters.
  • Allow to send multiple attachment in single email.
  • It supports unlimited message length.
  • Support font, layout which are categorize under Rich text format.
  • Support executable non-text attachments like audio, video, image etc.

MIME Header Fields

With the help of MIME header analyzer tool user can easily analyse the various MIME header parameters. Which will help to understand the inner details of the email message like its version, textual and non-textual attachment details etc. The common MIME message header fields are:

MIME Header Analyzer

  • MIME Version: It indicates the message is MIME formatted. The value of the MIME mail header is normally shown as MIME-Version 1.0 which indicate the intention of creating advanced version like 2.0 so on.
  • Content-Transfer-Encoding: It will specify the encoding used in the message or define the methods to represents binary data other than ASCII.
  • Content-Description: It is an optional MIME mail header filed which provides the additional information about the email message content.
  • Content-Disposition: This MIME header fields specify the content style other than the structure of the email data.
    • inline content-disposition: It indicate that it will automatically displayed with the content.
    • attachment content-disposition: It need some action by user to open and display it.
  • Content Type: It is the MIME header parameters describes the media type of the email content. Which includes the Type and subtype of the content. Common MIME Content Types are:
    • text/plain: Represent the simple text messages.
    • text/xml: Represents SOAP With Attachment.
    • text/html: Indicates the content having an alternative HTML.
    • message/rfs822: Represents that the message is replay with original content
    • multipart/Alternative: Represents the email message is with some alternative content like HTML or any other.
    • multipart/mixed: Represents the text with attachments.
    • X-type: Represents the non-standard content type.
    • application/msword: Represents the application within it.
    • multipart/signature: This MIME mail header parameter Indicates the email messages is with signature.
    • image/jpeg, audio/mp3, video/mp4: Represents the email message contain image file, audio file, video file respectively.

Requirement of Forensic Investigation Of Emails

There are plenty of competition in business which leads the competitors to make every possible effort of letting down their competitors. In this scenario one may even do farming of emails or phishing where for example a suspicious link is sent to you, clicking on which may lead to the sharing of your confidential information with the other person.

Also, performing criminal activity via email messages and modifying the MIME header fields or value details of the message changes the header details in order to make sure the real sender of the email remains unexposed.

MailXaminer is a highly recommended MIME header analyzer. The tool supports more than 20+ email file formats and various desktop based web based email clients. And allows the investigators to analyse the email data in multiple types of views like; property view, MIME view, hex view, etc. to extract the hidden evidence from the email messages.

Through the specialized MIME mail header view provided by the email forensics tool. The investigator/ examiner can easily analyse the MIME header fields of email message and find all other related information. This view also help the investigator to find whether any modification done on the email data or its attachment to remove the originality of the email message

MIME Header Analyzer

How To Analyze Email Data Prior To Purchase?

This forensic investigation software can be used before being purchased with the help of its trial version for analyzing email messages and its MIME header fields. The trial edition is available for free and allows users to make sure that the software works fine and is what they had been looking for. You can use this forensics tool as a MIME header analyzer but you can’t export the data into other file formats as part of the demonstration limitation.