Timelines and Analytics – MailXaminer Tool

MailXaminer | February 12th, 2018 | Forensics

Today, even the criminals are backed by advanced technical aids, so it is imperative that forensic investigators in the Cyberspace too are needed to be well-equipped and empowered with advanced investigation tools to help them inspect, analyse, and validate in order to perform the investigations with precision to come forward with evidence in support of their theories and arguments with authenticity. Usually, it is difficult for the teams to collect evidence and inspect them for locating the findings of any case, but MailXaminer tool is one such super-efficient 3rd-party tool that can really prove to be very useful for most such investigating agencies for performing their forensic investigations to unveil factual truths by inspecting the available evidence.


This particular video of Computer Forensic Tool sheds some light on how to capture the exact timelines and the use of analytics to uncover the actual sequence of events. This sequence of events in a chronological fashion is pretty crucial in defining the path that the criminal had taken to commence a particular cybercrime, and the powerful analytics feature of tool not only defines the timelines but also gives a powerful handle to the cyber investigators to analyse each data element critically so as not to miss out any minute detail.