The keyword list or a CSV that contains a set of keywords can be added in advance during case creation itself. The emails containing those keyword will be identified and will be shown separately under the "Keyword" section.

Case Management 

MailXaminer boasts of providing advanced case management facility to the digital forensic investigators through providing features like scan status, interactive dashboards, log files and bookmarking options. These features make the entire investigation much more efficient and faster. 

Restriction on export

The email evidences that appear to contain some confidential information and may violate the privacy agreement of a particular custodian can be marked as privilege and can be restricted from being shared across to any third party.

Multiple Email Formats

MailXaminer works with native email clients (like Microsoft Outlook (PST), Eudora, Lotus Notes (NSF), MBOX, Exchange Offline Storage (OST), Exchange Mailbox store (EDB), Eudora (MBX), MS Outlook for Mac (OLM) etc.) and with web based email clients like IMAP, Gmail, Hotmail, Google Apps, Yahoo  etc. with the same proficiency.

Multiple Export Options

MailXaminer supports exporting of email evidences into multiple output formats like Concordance, EML, PST, MSG, PDF, TIFF, HTML etc. The export option is exercised to preserve and present the outcomes of any investigation in a court validated and forensically sound format. These evidences can later be recovered in case they are required in any legal proceedings.

360 Degree View of Email

Once the email evidence have been scanned, the obvious next step is to analyze them. MailXaminer makes the entire analysis much simpler by providing a 360 degree view of the Email evidences. Any scanned artifact can be previewed in various formats like Normal, HTML, RTF, Hex, MIME, Property, Email hop view, attachment view etc., in one place. This provision makes it easier for the investigators to carry out a detailed investigation.

Recursive Listing of Mails

After scanning the file having long hierarchy user don’t need to put efforts in navigating up to the hierarchy. Because recursive listing of emails show the child’s folder email in the parental directory too. Right clicking on the parent folder give you access of all the emails of its child folder(s).


MailXaminer supports the usage of keyboard in it interface to make the usage easier even without the mouse. The feature is helpful for those users who are used to of using keyboard while working on their PC, only like IT Administrator, Network Engineer etc. The Hot Keys (Alt + First Letter of Menu’s Words), Tab etc. are supported in it.

Powerful Search Mechanism

MailXaminer search mechanism works on a robust algorithm that has the capability to search within hidden and corrupted data as well. The digital forensic investigator can search emails based on the criterion like Mail Properties (To, Cc, Bcc etc.), Personal identifiers, Phone Number, URLs, MD5 #value etc. An Advance Search Mode also allows the investigators to narrow down the search based on various filters.


MailXaminer have been put through stress of size of 1TB email data consisting of PST, OST and EDB. It works with processing speed of 1080 emails per minute for Microsoft Outlook PST files.

Team Collaboration

MailXaminer Team Collaboration now allows multiple investigators to work on same case simultaneously. This will also increase the processing time for the investigation process as multiple machines can be used for investigation.

SaaS Based Review

MailXaminer now comes with cloud based review module which allows external investigators to review the selected evidences and provide feedback to investigators.