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Advanced case management facility like creating case repository, analyze & recover email, scan status, interactive dashboards, log files and bookmarking options make the entire investigation much more efficient and faster. Learn More →

A wider range of email repositories are now examined as part of enhancing artifacts support. Local as well as web based email storage analysis scope is extended with the addition of eM Client, Zoho, Kerio Connect, hMailServer, MDaemon Server, Zimbra, KMail, Maildir, Dovecot and many more.

All case related progress or evidence can be shared by the custodians over web / on cloud with fellow investigators for review purpose. This can be accomplished via Shared Location, Mail Settings, or over Cloud.

Skin tone based analysis can be performed on media files, particularly images. The intensity of detection can be adjusted accordingly from very low, low, high, to very high respectively for accurate results. Learn More →

Video files such as .mp4, .avi, .3gp and many more can now be investigated using the software for detection of availability of pornographic content. The parameters deciding the intensity of detection fall between the range of very low and very high. Learn More →

KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file format is used to save and display the geographic data Google Maps and Google Earth. The available image attachments having GPS locations can be exported using "Export as KML"; and can be viewed using Google Earth. Learn More →

The supported document formats available within the respective image files such as E01, DD and DMG can now be examined and analyzed. This extended support to disk image files does not impose any sort of limitation on the file size.

On the basis of filters, rules and patterns, at the time of scanning of the evidence file, the available items can be automatically tagged as per the available categories such as Spoofed Docs, Shared Links and PII number.

An advanced Grid control algorithm has been embedded in the software. This Grid control ensures enhanced and more accurate filtering of the data.

SHA1 being developed by NSA, represents a cryptographic hash function. The latest v4.8 of MailXaminer now provides an extended support to the hash function SHA1 during analysis.

The software support more than 20 file type of email clients either they are desktop based (Outlook, Lotus Notes etc.) or web based (Gmail, Yahoo etc). Bookmark, Search, Export, Preview & Restrict from Export options are applicable to emails. Learn More →

Link analysis intelligence has been added within the tool now to visualize and analyze the email communication between two or more users. It is now possible to track the direct & indirect conversation of the users in a group to figure out actual suspect. Learn More →

Reporting feature of the tool has now been made smarter to preview and export the reports of case, keywords, tags, bookmark etc. It is now possible to export the senders report, recipients report, domain wise report, domain wise senders report, domain wise recipients report in HTML, PDF & CSV file formats. Learn More →

Now the tool has the provision to preview and analyze the calendars of Outlook PST files, OST files, Exchange EDB mailboxes, and Lotus Notes NSF files. You can examine the meetings and appointments of the suspected user for further investigation.

User can create their own Custom Search Filters based on scenarios required. Some cultivated search facility includes Regular Expression, Fuzzy, & other logical search operators to give the accurate results. Learn More →

With new feature of Mailxaminer to analyze the Live Exchange; now you can examine mailboxes without dismounting them from MS Exchange server. The tool supports to download mailboxes of MS Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013. Learn More →

The software can now be used to download mails and analyze multiple accounts of the Google Apps Admin account without providing any credentials. In few simple steps; users can download multiple mailboxes & examine them easily. Learn More →

We have now introduced dongle based licensing to make it easier for the investigators to run the full version of the software on multiple machines. Users only need to plugin the software attuned dongle provided to them while purchasing the tool on a machine having demo version & it will get activated as full version. Learn More →

Among the thousands of emails that has to be examined, now users can tag the emails to categorize them as per your criteria. This feature will help the forensicators to manage the emails and differentiate them as per their importance or need. Learn More →

Hierarchical Level Search of Keywords within Files, then in Emails & Attachment produces accurate the search result containing the entered keywords. Bulk keyword search can be done by adding CSV that contains keywords. Learn More →

The export option is exercised to preserve and present the outcomes of any investigation in a court validated and forensically sound format. It supports exporting of email evidences into multiple output formats like Concordance, PST, MSG, PDF, TIFF etc. Learn More →

The powerful email view show the preview of scanned artifacts in Normal, HTML, RTF, Hex, MIME, Property, Email Hop view, Attachment views. This provision makes the detailed investigation procedure easier for the investigators. Learn More →

Team Collaboration facility now allows multiple investigators to work on same case simultaneously. This will also increase the processing time for the investigation process as multiple machines can be used for investigation. Learn More →

The email evidences that appear to contain some confidential information and may violate the privacy agreement of a particular custodian can be marked as privilege and can be restricted from being shared across to any third party. Learn More →

Recursive listing of emails show the child's folder email in the parental directory too. Right clicking on the parent folder & selecting the recursive listing option give you access of all the emails of its child folder(s). Learn More →

Software is equipped with cloud based review module which allows investigators to review the selected evidences remotely and provide their feedback. Learn More →

Now the tool is supporting the usage of keyboard in its interface to make the usage easier even without the mouse. The Hot Keys (Alt + First Letter of Menu's Words), Shortcut keys (Tab, Arrow key etc.) are supported in it. Learn More →

The software has been put through stress of size of 1 TB email data consisting of PST, OST and EDB. It works with processing speed of 1080 emails per minute for Microsoft Outlook PST files. Learn More →

The software is equipped with Dashboard View feature that provides feature that provides visual representation visual representation of the mailbox data being scanned. The Pie Chart and Bar Graph enable users to analyze the data from various angles. Learn More →