Reliable Features that Make Evidence Recovery Easiest

Unique Attributes Of MailXaminer Description

Support of Multiple Email Format

Discover & analyze email of Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP, Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Exchange, Mac Outlook for accessing email & its internal properties
Different Export Option

Save cases and search result to evidence list by exporting them into either Concordance Load File, EML, PST, TIFF, PDF, MSG and HTML format.

Recover corrupted Email

Recover corrupted NSF, EDB, EML, PST, OST, OLM, IMM, TBB, MBX and MBOX emails, contacts, calendar, task, list etc.

Maintain Case Repository

Save case from mails and attachment and create case details by filling important credentials of the case which will be used for recovering cyber crime email.

Support SMTP Access

Any email program that allow SMTP program can be easily configured with Email Examiner network forensic tool. Also the case can be sent via tool at remote email program after configuring it.

Mail View Option

Hex format, Normal, Property view, Email Header view, MIME view, Email Hop View, HTML, RTF and Attachment view of any email represent the complete email modules in a very organized manner with forensic evidence recovery software.

Attachment View Option

Represent any format of email attachment in Hex and Normal format, with this property view of attachment and normal complete mail view is also available.

Multilingual Digital Recovery Software

Two options i.e. English and Japanese available in this forensic software. Easily change the language in Option Menu of Digital Evidence recovery tool.

Import Cases

Import evidence in REW format from local machine or network of email header in case of adding other related evident information.

Powerful Search Engine

Fastest filtration capability restore forensic email evidence emails in accordance of user's desired criteria help in easy searching. The criteria can be defined on the basis of emails Properties, Personal Identification or Advance Search performed by Starts With or Ends With operation.

Search Menu

Save Case for saving selected search results, Open Case for opening user created case and clear search history option make search a reliable feature in Email Examiner.
Remove Duplicate from Email

The duplicity of emails and can be easily discarded & previewed with this network forensic analysis toolkit.

Mark as Privilege

The email which you want to have special permission, can be marked as privilege. This feature prevent the export of that email.
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