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Law Enforcement

While doing the email analysis with MailXaminer, the investigator can bookmark the case as well. The bookmark may contain emails, attachments, recent searches, media files, and keywords.


MailXaminer is helpful for those legal professionals who want to create case evidences along with facility to share that with other custodians. The shared file is accessible without any application.


Being a forensic consultant, for demo or detailing a case or evidence recovery process, the need may arise to give the access of email studies made to third parties. Customize Privilege for mails accordingly.


MailXaminer for corporate sector assists to check out the graphical representation of scanned emails. Searching mails from large storage media with the highly Advance filters is reliable.


Analysis of Web Based mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo, or Rediff Mail cannot be easier than it is with MailXaminer. Filtering emails through keywords makes important data abstraction simpler and different views of the messages prove helpful in thorough investigation. The tool works amazingly well for email discovery.

Gabriel Marquez


Preventing the crucial and confidential email information from being violated when the data is shared with external parties became the first aspect to keep in mind. To do the same MailXaminer tool is added with “Restriction on Export” option. With the use of this option, read only rights on emails will be available for others. Well done!

Andrew Ponting


Bookmarking evidences and emails is going to be highly adoptable option offered by this world class mail examination tool. Once if searched details, evidences, and emails are bookmarked then the process of investigation will be geared up. At the other end, it assists to save time and efforts wasted by user to make repeated searches. Hats off!



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