Law Enforcement Agencies

Search and uncover relevant information by conducting, coordinating and real time monitoring of case with your investigative team to get thorough and unambiguous evidence data in court admissible file format.

law enforcement


Dig Deeper, broader to Identify and respond to company policy violation with real fact and insights. Combat infringement and corporate espionage by locating the mole leaking your trade secret. The MailXaminer will give you the email break you looking for.


Worked Perfectly !

  • The features and performance of MailXaminer are stunning. The software comprehensively can analyze the data of both desktop – based as well as web – based email clients in multiple file formats.

    Gabriel Marquez

    - Portugal

  • Just a note to express my appreciation for the outstanding service that your company has offered us. I am truly amazed at how quickly you always respond to questions that we have and swiftly solve our problems.

    Andrew Ponting

    - Australia

  • The team of MailXaminer has a wealth of experience and are extremely professional. They have assisted us in solving a number of sensitive cases and are always ready to provide a great service.


    - Brazil

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