• Email Format Support

    Examine variety of web mail and desktop mail data;
    Gmail, EDB, Yahoo, MBOX, Google Apps,

  • Dashboard Representation

    Detailed information regarding all the scanned email
    messages from selected file
    will be depicted on a dashboard representation.

  • Versatile Previews

    Each mail can be viewed
    forensic based views as HTML,
    MIME, Hex, Normal view, property,
    MIME header, email hop, RTF.

  • Advance Search

    Quick search discovers scanned
    mails via properties; to, bcc, cc, URLs,
    personal identifiers, MD5 hash value,
    and modes as; starts with, ends with, etc.

  • Bookmark Evidences

    Bookmark evidence collected
    in the form of mails, search result items,
    search result keywords,attachments
    for future purpose.

  • Multiple Export

    Desirably export examined email messages;
    Concordance Load file, and PDF
    for saving emails in different formats.

Attributes Provided with MailXaminer Software

forensic email recovery

Supports Multiple E-mail Format
IMAP web based email clients like Gmail, Hotmail, Google Apps, Yahoo etc. & desktop based email clients like Microsoft Outlook (PST), Eudora, Lotus Notes (NSF), MBOX, Exchange Offline Storage (OST), Exchange Mailbox store (EDB), Eudora (MBX), MS Outlook for Mac (OLM) are supported by this forensic email analysis software.

Search Evidence

Provided with Search Filters
MailXaminer search engine allow computer forensic investigator to search emails based on the criterions like Mail Properties (To, Cc, Bcc etc.), Personal identifiers, Phone Number, URLs, MD5 hash value etc. Moreover Advance Search Mode allow specific discovery of data by its "Starts with", "Ends with" & "Contains" filters.

Multiple Export

Multiple Export Option Provided
This forensic analysis toolkit provides you to export emails in concordance Load file, EML, PST, MSG, PDF, TIFF & HTML file type so that emails can be forwarded and saved in required clients and format

Save Searched Evidence

Show Duplicate Email Separately
The duplicate emails are shown with "DUP" marked through which it is easy to distiguish the non-duplicate emails. The duplicate emails are shown separately within the folder containing duplicate emails store.

Case Repository

Advance Facility of Case Repository
Cyber lawyers can easily maintain and analyze the evidences based on search results, case logs, E-mail files scanned, bookmarked evidence and search indexing information which make the MailXaminer tool one of the advance solution for forensic evidence repository.

Evidence Analysis

Multiple Preview Option
Email with its header can be previewed and analyze in any of the format of HTML, RTF, Hex, MIME Header/Property, Email hop view and Normal View so that important evidence can be easily collected and analyzed from the mail header according to user pace and easiness.

Forensic Evidence Recovery

Mark Email as Privilege:
The email evidence that seems to be important from litigation point of view can be sent to the opposite party without giving any prior authorities to export it in their local machine. The particular email can be marked as privilege in order to gain read only access.

email examiner

Add Keywords in Advance
The keyword list or CSV that contain set of keywords can be added for advance searching. The emails containing the keyword, shown separately under Keyword tab. Note: Keyword can also be added later for customized digital eDiscovery process

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Money Back - Recover Forensic Evidence

Money Back in 30 Days

30 day money back policy can be claimed by user if they don't find the MailXaminer, fulfilling their complete computer forensic email recovery.


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