Examine Outlook PST File Information

MailXaminer | January 4th, 2019 | Forensics

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is predominant programming language to create & format web pages. It is used for personal and business purposes.

PST file is used to store the user mailbox data in Outlook Email Client. Saving Outlook PST file in HTML format provides original page layout, images, heading, text, link & all other included items with-in a mail.

During the digital forensic investigation, saving the Outlook PST file in HTML helps the investigator/ Examiner to open and preview the emails in the original formats from HTML supporting platforms.

What Makes HTML Format as a Choice for saving Outlook PST?

  • HTML is supported with almost all browsers
  • Links on text can be made clickable
  • Data can be represented using colours, links, table-columns, graphics
  • Can be accessed offline over different application
  • Easy to publish on any website via the internet
  • It is simple to use & easy to learn
  • Zero cost maintenance & moreover it is free to open

Email Analysis Using MailXaminer

During the Digital Forensic Investigation analysis of Outlook PST file helps to obtain different information related to the email data. MailXaminer is reliable Digital Forensic Tool which provides the option to examine the PST file in different views. By saving the Outlook PST file as HTML format helps the investigator to examine the outlook email in its original form from outside the tool without having the email client or internet.

Preview Outlook PST file using MailXaminer

Examination of Outlook PST file provides the information of the Outlook mailbox data. The Outlook pst analysis tool provides the option to view and examine the Outlook PST file in different views like “Mail, Hex, Properties, Message Header, HTML“. Through each view of the mail data, the examiner can obtain different information about the Outlook mail other than the email message.

Outlook message view in MailXaminer: After the recovery of email messages in the MailXaminer, through the mail view option it represents the email message in the user point of view. This will help to show the original email message with sender & receiver information.

Outlook PST Header View: Header view of MailXaminer provides all the information related to that email such as “Sender & receiver addresses, Message ID, Content type, MIME version” etc. It helps to trace the email during the Digital Forensic Investigation.

HTML view of PST file in MailXaminer: In this view, the tool shows the PST file data in HTML format.This help to examine the internal HTML script of the email message.

Save Outlook PST file in HTML Format: MailXaminer allows to save the Outlook PST file in HTML format through the Export option. Which help to examine the email messages in its original form without using the examiner tool.

Convert Folder Items of Selected PST File to HTML: Some cases demand to export folder of data for the investigation purpose. Through the Export Button in the MailXaminer bulk export of Outlook PST file is possible. Through which allow saving the entire folder of email in HTML format.


PST file is used to store the Outlook user mailbox data. Through the examination of these PST data, various information related to Outlook email can be obtained. MailXaminer is a reliable Digital Forensic Tool which allows examining the Outlook PST header and body information in different views. It also helps to examine the Outlook email data from outside the tool by allowing the PST file to save in HTML format.