How to Trace Email Sender IP Address in Outlook

how to trace email sender ip address in outlook
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Are you looking for a solution for how to trace sender IP address in Outlook? Then, this blog will help you guide the appropriate way of finding out the sender’s IP address from an incoming email in Outlook. 

Sometimes it happens when you receive an email you would know the sender’s name and domain( for example, and but it is not easy to know the IP address or the location of the email from where it originated. 

Finding the originated IP of the particular mail will help you find the location of the sender or sending email server. This will help in troubleshooting and finding the scammer’s details up to the next level

Find the IP Address of the Email Sender in Outlook Through Email Header

Every email we receive has metadata about the receiver and the sender. That email metadata analysis basically provides routing and other valuable details about the emails. It is called an ‘email header’ and it contains the IP address of the sender. This refers to a physical location. And, the email header doesn’t provide the same. Also, the IP address is not counted as a physical location. Therefore it is required to know about the tracing of the sender’s IP address. 

Here is the step-by-step process of how to trace email sender IP address in Outlook:

1. Open Outlook 

2. Reach your email account, go to the inbox, and double-click on the email you want to trace

3. The email message opened in a separate window. 

4. Click on the message tab>> Go to the tags section>>Click the anchor 

5. This will take you to the properties option which includes a few options.

6. In the properties section, go to the Internet header section, and you will see there are a few technical coded words

7. From there, find the X-Remote-IP field which holds the IP address of the sender email. 

Now, some of the users prefer to use (web-based). So, let us also understand how can you trace an IP address of an email in Outlook 365. Following are the steps to find the email header from Office 365 Outlook when you access the emails from a web browser. 

How to Trace an Email IP Address in Office 365 Outlook Web Access

1. Select your email and the mail opens in a separate window

2. Click on the three dots (…) on the right side of the screen >> Click on View then View message details.


3. When the message source popup window displays, it can be challenging to locate the Outlook IP address. Press Ctrl + F to bring up the search bar, then type IP to see your results [Refer to snapshot].

message source

After knowing both methods, it is quite obvious that tracing the IP address of the sender is an easy task. but, it also has some drawbacks in the context of forensic investigations.  

The email headers can be spoofed, and the IP addresses can be hidden, if someone truly wants to trick/hack you. The outcome is obvious. The methods above have significant drawbacks, and it is not simple to investigate and track the IP address of your sender’s email address.

First and foremost, always use email tracking tools responsibly. This is especially important if you’re interested in learning how to trace email sender IP address in Outlook because, from a forensics perspective, tracing the IP address is the most efficient and effective approach.

The aforementioned methods are helpful to a certain level only. So, there are professional specialized email tracking tools designed to help you find the originating IP address of an email. 

Try the Best Solution To Trace Email Sender’s IP Address in Outlook

During the search for an IP address, it is important to take effective and efficient steps. Professional email forensic software is designed in such as way that it can deeply investigate your email evidence in multiple dimensions.

Preview Option Email Header

This software gives you a variety of options to analyze your uploaded evidence. This can also provide you the option to preview the email header which also consisted of IP addresses in multiple view modes. 

message header preview

After previewing the email header you will be able to trace the IP address easily. You can also see the advanced features which are helpful in examining evidence some of them are mentioned below: 

Multiple File Formats 

This advanced software supports more than 20+ email file formats related to 80+ email clients regardless of desktop-based or web-based email clients. So, this can give you the choice to select from different methods like cloud, image, and message and even understand how can you trace an IP address of an email in Outlook 365.

choose formats

Advanced OCR Facilities

This Professional tool incorporates state-of-art OCR capabilities which enables seamless conversion of scanned text images into fully searchable digital documents. This is helpful in such a way that it makes the text in the image file editable which is helpful in tracing Email IP address in Outlook.


It is not simple to investigate and find the email sender IP address in Outlook. Though the methods mention above are not seamless, they can be helpful in tracing an email sender’s location. But, by using a combination of professional solutions, you may be able to determine the sender’s IP address. This has a wide variety of advantageous features that can help you in examining the file as well as the IP address of the email according to your desired requirement. 

Keep in mind, professional methods are more accurate than manual methods and the IP addresses can be masked or concealed by the senders.


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