Know About Netscape Forensics Through Email Backup Analysis

MailXaminer | April 20th, 2019 | Forensics

Netscape email backup analysis is an important process during the digital forensic investigation on Netscape Mail. Because of the simple and the unique features of the email client make it into a target of criminal activities. With the help of Highly efficient email forensics tool investigators can easily perform the Netscape forensics through the mailbox analysis. The tool also helps to transfer the data from Netscape to Outlook through the export option. In this blog, we are going to understand how to perform Netscape email Analysis with the help of an automated solution.

Netscape Mail is an email and news client developed by Netscape communication corporation. Which is mainly used for the messaging purpose. Initially, Netscape mail program based on the Mozilla Thunderbird was released as Netscape Mercury, later it was replaced with Netscape Mail client. In 998 after the purchase of Netscape by AOL, the development of Netscape Mail& Newsgroup was hand over to Mozilla Foundation. In 2008 AOL announced that they ended the development and support of Netscape Navigator and Messenger. The desktop email client of Netscape allows to configure and manage multiple email account together. It integrated with free Netscape WebMail & AOL email account and also supports IMAP, POP, SMTP protocols.

Extract Email Evidence During Netscape Forensics

Email storage files are normally an important source of evidences. In the case of Netscape Mail, it uses MBOX file format to store its email data which can be considered as the primary source of evidence during Netscape email backup analysis. Each folder creates separate MBOX file to store email data corresponding to that. The MBOX file will appear without any extension in the location. Also, each folder is associated with a summary file with the extension MSF.

Default Location of Netscape Mail Folder

The default location of the Netscape email data will vary according to the User settings and Operating System. These are the common location used to store email data. This will help you to extract email data and perform Netscape mailbox analysis.

  • Windows: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Profiles\\
  • Mac: ~\Library\Mozilla
  • Linux: $HOME/.mozilla

Netscape Email Backup & Analysis with MailXaminer

During the Netscape forensics, the email storage files are the import source of evidence. But Unfortunately, the MBOX files can’t be viewed without the corresponding email clients. This is the main challenge faced by most of the forensic investigators. Even after the email data extracted from its location without the help of respective email client they can’t analyze the data. In such a situation the computer forensic tool is an appropriate solution for the investigators. The automated solution provided by the software will help the investigators in Netscape email Analysis. Which also help to import or export Netscape data for perform the analysis process in more convenient way. Follow the bellow section to know how to perform Netscape email backup analysis and extract evidence through it.

Add Mailbox File

Through the add, evidence option user can easily add the email data into software to perform the Netscape mailbox Analysis. Click on the Add Evidence button and select the Netscape mail(*.*) option from the Container Mail section. Which will also help the investigators to back up the deleted email data.

add email file

Email Views

After the completion of Netscape mail backup, the forensic tool allows performing advanced Netscape email analysis through different views. Each view helps to extract different information evidence. Right click on the email and select the Preview option.

Preview Email

During the Netscape forensics the Mail view of the forensic software help the investigator to easily analyze the email data user perspective.

email preview

Hex View

Hex view option of the tool allows the user to do Netscape email backup analysis through the hexadecimal view. Which will provide you the hexadecimal value corresponding to each data. Which contains the Offset value, Hex code and text value of email data.

Properties view

During the Netscape forensics the Properties view of the email provides the metadata related to the email message. Which help the investigator to obtain a summary of email data easily. Which contains the details such as Hash value, Body details, Date, Internal header details, Message flags, etc. This view helps in the fast retrieval data related to the email without performing the deep Netscape email analysis.

Message Header View

Through the message header view of email data. User can examine the email header details deeply while performing the Netscape email backup analysis. Which include the basic details such as MIME version, Message ID, Content type, Sender & Receiver address, etc. It is a complete set of which help the investigator to obtain the user related information and hidden evidence.

Email Hop

It is a special view provided by the tool which helps the examiner/investigator to trace the path through which the email message traveled. Through the other Netscape mailbox analysis views, user can get the sender-receiver related information only. But they can’t find what is really happening in between the sender & receiver. The email hop view graphically represents the routers, gateways & switches through which the email has traveled.


This view provides the HTML script code corresponding to the email content. Through the HTML code comparison analysis examiner can easily identify whether any action performed to remove the originality of the email message during the Netscape email backup analysis.

Attachment View

Attachment view helps the user to examine the attachment separately without considering the content of the email message. Which provide the list of attachment present within the email allow to preview it.

RTF view

If the email contains the rich text formatting of the email is present in the email then it will represent through this view. The RTF view of the forensics tool helps to analyze the formatting of the email message.

Search Option

Through the advanced search option, the software allows performing Netscape email backup analysis in more precise way. The tool helps to search easily and extract the evidence from the email data with help of logic operators AND, OR, NOT and various Search algorithms such as “General, Proximity, Fuzzy search, Steam search, Wildcard” etc.

search option

Final Words

During the Netscape forensics, the email storage files always act as the primary source of evidence. By performing the Netscape email backup analysis will always help the investigators to extract the evidences from the Netscape mailbox in an efficient way. With help of forensic analysis tool, investigators can easily search and perform Netscape mailboxes analysis through various forensic options.