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Computer Forensic Tool

Most versatile digital forensics software assists 20+ file formats including various desktop & web based email clients.Cyber forensic investigation tool is capable to search within image using OCR feature and supports GPT disk image. Providing best computer forensics investigator assistance through different view option and legally acceptable report generation.


Salient Features of Computer Forensic Tool

  • Creation of case repository to manage and analyze the filtered evidence.
  • Provide support for 20+ multiple email file types present on the system.
  • Easy to search in image(s) content via Optical Character Recognition.
  • Carve evidences from the email data using a robust keyword-based search filter.
  • Analyze email of Office 365, Gmail, Rackspace, iCloud, Hotmail etc.
  • Using link analysis mechanism to track connection among different suspects.
  • View SHA1, SHA256 and MD5 hash values of the suspected email on the system.
  • Investigate data present within E01, DD, Zip Archived file, LEF, and DMG file type.
  • Easy logs management to view activities carried during digital investigation proce.
  • Permits to recover deleted email components on the computer system.
  • Examine database details of Skype application such as Chat, SMS, Calls.
  • Team collaboration to work collectively on the same case as a team.
  • Export report with all the detailed information in HTML/PDF/CSV file formats.
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Supporting Desktop Based Email Clients

Supporting Web Based Email Clients

View Skype Application Data

link Analysis Mechanism

Prominent Features of Digital Forensics Tool


Seamless Case Management For Forensic Examiners

Case management is very important to carry out the cyber forensic investigation process without any hassle. The Computer Forensic tool makes the digital investigation process easier by providing a robust case management facility. This includes the creation of a case repository, analyze and recover email, scan status, log files, bookmarking option etc.


Different Preview Modes for Examination of Emails

The cyber forensics investigator can perform in-depth analysis of computer data via multiple preview modes provided by the utility. The digital forensics software offers Normal View, Hex View, RTF View, MIME View, Attachment View, Property View, Email Hop View. With the help of these preview modes, one can easily examine emails as per the choice.


Support Powerful OCR Capabilities and Hash Algorithm

The digital forensics tool is capable to support function such as SHA1, SHA 265, MDF while the digital investigation process. The user can view hash values of suspected email. Additionally, the utility is also capable to search image(s) content using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process during computer forensics investigation.


Document Support and Geo-location Mapping

The computer crime investigation using forensic tools and technology provides enhanced support for the document format present within the image files such as DD, E01, LEF, and DMG. It also offers GPT Disk image support for E01, LEF process L01 file, Zip archived file etc. Furthermore, the Computer Forensic Software allows exporting image having GPS location into the KML file format to easily view it via Google Earth.


Search Effortlessly With Powerful Search Mechanism

To make the search process easy for the cyber forensics investigators, the software is integrated with the amazing search feature. The user can create custom search filters as per his/her requirements. Moreover, one can also take benefits of advanced cultivated search facility computer forensic tool which includes Regular Expression, Fuzzy, Wildcard Proximity, and other logical search operators.


Generate Investigation Case Report

During the cyber crime investigation the examiners need to submit evidence report at the courtrooms. To make this task easy for computer forensics investigators the digital forensics tool generates a case report with all investigation details. One can easily export reports of tags, case, keywords, bookmarks etc. The computer forensic software also allows to export domain-wise senders report, recipients report etc. in HTML, CSV & PDF format.


Analyze Mailboxes of Multiple Platforms

With Computer Forensic Tool, one can examine emails of different platforms such as Gmail, Office 365, Live Exchange Server, Rackspace, iCloud, Hotmail etc. The investigators can easily download and investigate the mailboxes of the various platform on their system.


Examine Skype Messenger

One can also investigate Skype chats, SMS, call records etc. and discover evidence form them via digital forensics tool. This utility permits to add the Skype database file and view details such as sender and receiver details, call records, chat message format, SMS etc. during cyber forensic investigation.


Export Evidence: Email and Attachments

After the examination of emails, user can move emails into different formats like CSV, EML, HTML, TIFF, PST, PDF etc. This feature is very advantageous for the cyber forensics investigator as they have to save all evidence in a specific format to present evidence in courtrooms.


Support For Multiple Applications File Formats

The computer forensic tool, is integrated with amazing features like support for 20+ files types of desktop-based email clients as well as a web-based email client. Moreover, the digital forensics software also provides enhanced artifacts support for examination of a wide range of email repositories.

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