Know How to Convert Netscape Mail to Outlook PST File

MailXaminer | April 20th, 2019 | Forensics

Are you looking for a convenient process to export email from Netscape to Outlook. Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will provide you the most efficient and versatile solution for successfully migrate Netscape mail to Outlook PST file.

Netscape was a popular fully featured email client. However, this program was really old and it doesn’t support any fancy filters. This is one of the main reason most of the Netscape users try to convert their messaging platform to other users friendly email client. Microsoft Outlook is the most widely using email client for the personal as well as official purpose. Which also provide various user friendly features to make the emailing process into simple. Sudden discontinuation of Netscape Mail & Newsgroup makes the users to think about to switch from Netscape to Outlook email.

Extract Netscape Email file

Netscape Mail uses MBOX file format to store its email data. In which for each email folder create separate MBOX folder to store the corresponding email data. The location of the Netscape email file will vary according to the user settings and the Operating System.

In order to import Netscape mail to Outlook first, you need to extract the emails from the Netscape Mail. After that, you can easily perform Netscape to outlook email transfer. Follow the below steps to extract the emails from Netscape email.

1. Open Netscape email application.

2. Choose the Mail and Newsgroups Account Settings from the Edit menu.

3. Open the local directory and copy the location address from there.

4. Past the location address in the Windows search panel.

5. Select the MBOX file which you need to export into PST file.

Note: Normally MBOX files appear without any extension with it.

The default location of the Netscape Mail.

Windows:     C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Profiles
Mac:               ~\Library\Mozilla
Linux:            $HOME/.mozilla

How to Migrate Netscape mail to Outlook with Attachment

Most of the users are searching for the direct method to import their mail from Netscape to Outlook. But Outlook does not support to transfer the Netscape mail directly into it. For that you need a user friendly tool. MailXaminer is such a trustworthy tool which help you to perform successful Netscape email export. Refer the bellow section to know and understand the automated solution for convert Netscape mail to Outlook.

Step 1:

Click on the Add Evidence option of the email forensics tool to export the Netscape email file.

Step 2:

After click on the Add Evidence option a pop menu will appear to select the file format. To add the email file into the software choose the Netscape Mail(*.*) and browse the file location from the system.

Step 3:

After successfully add the Netscape Mail into the software the tool allows you to preview the email data. It also helps to view the email data in various forms such as “Mail, Hex, Properties, Message Header, HTML, RTF, MIME” etc.

Step 4:

User can easily convert Netscape mail to Outlook PST file in a selective way. That is the user can select the needed email file from the Mailbox. Which will help the user to reduce the exporting time and avoid the unnecessary data. Select the email files by check the box in front of the email data. Then right click and select the Export option.

Step 5

Select the PST from the Export option panel to migrate Netscape Mail to Outlook. For changing the additional Export options click on the Export Setting.

Step 6:

To transfer the email as bulk data. Click on the Export button and select the folder which you want to convert Netscape to Outlook. Then choose the PST file format from the Output Format.

Final Words

The day to day advancement of email features makes the users to change their platform to more user friendly and advanced email clients. Likewise, the sudden discontinuation and unfriendly nature of the Netscape Mail leads the user to migrate Netscape Mail to Outlook email. The above section explains the complete guide to performing the Netscape email Export with the help of the most reliable exporting tool.