Convert PST Emails & Attachments to TIFF Image File Format

MailXaminer | December 13th, 2018 | Forensics

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is the graphical file format. It was created by Aldus corporation for use in desktop publication. TIFF file format is widely supported on scanning, faxing, word processing, optical character recognition etc. It is a flexible, adaptable file format for handling images and data within a single file by including the header tags defining the image’s geometry.
A user’s Outlook data for IMAP, POP3 and web-based mail accounts is stored in Microsoft Outlook PST file which holds a B-tree structure with nodes & leaves to show folders & items within the folders. Custodian Outlook PST email files have three basic parts to be analysed i.e. headers, body & attachments for evidence preservation. Complete PST analysis of these intensive details can be done here to collect evidence in multiple formats and represent your case at different levels.
Conversion of Outlook PST to TIFF file format helps in flexible data handling in Digital Forensics. The forensic tool provides the option to extract the data from the Outlook PST file into the image through the export operation.

Flexible Features of TIFF File Format Over Other File Formats

TIFF images are the high quality images which are accepted in the forensic community due to its extensible nature. It provides support to a wide range of multiple compression schemes to adjust to any data storage needs.

  • Any information with-in Outlook mail can be extracted on image
  • Universally supported format over all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Unix
  • Supports a large range of data types like signed & unsigned integers, complex data & floating values
  • A wide range of compression schemes & colour spaces allow to customize TIFF format & use for the analytical purpose
  • This format supports Multi-page TIFF i.e. single file with multiple images
  • RAW data can be archived with its original quality for analysis & distribution

Export Selected Outlook Emails & Attachments to TIFF

MailXaminer provides the option to export Microsoft Outlook PST file into TIFF format. Through this option, the PST file can convert into TIFF file format. Follow the given steps to perform the export option.

STEP 1: Select the email files

Selecting the preferred tab will provide a resultant list where selection can be made & emails/attachments can be exported to TIFF format. To export specific email file check the box infront of the email files. Then right click on the file and select the Export option.

export TIFF

STEP 2: Select File Format

The Digital Forensics Tool provides the option to export the files into the various file format. Form Export Options select TIFF file format to export the PST file into TIFF format.

tiff export option

STEP 3: Export Settings In MailXaminer

The tool also provides the additional Export Setting option. It can be changed according to the selected file format.

Export Settings

STEP 4: Exporting Attachment into TIFF

If emails are exported then attached documents will be extracted in its original format. For attachment conversion into TIFF format select Media Tab. Select the files and right click for the export option. Then select Original Item to export the attachments into TIFF format.

export attachment

Folder Export Option for Bulk Conversion

In some cases where folder export is required, one can select single or multiple folders from the PST file and export folder items directly into the TIFF format. Follow the steps given below.

STEP 1: Export Option in MailXaminer

To export the entire folder instead of some selected emails. Click on the Export button given in the top left corner of the MailXaminer.

export bulk file

STEP 2: Folder Selection

Select the folder and TIFF file format from the Export Option to convert a bulk of PST File into TIFF format.

Folder Selection

STEP 3: Apply Naming Convention

Multiple options to name the exported files are given to make them convenient with the required file name type. Then click on the save option and save the file in the desired location.

Naming Convention

STEP 4: Result View

 Open the resultant TIFF file from the saved location and you can view the result using any image viewer.

result view


Conversion of Outlook PST file into flexible and adaptable TIFF image file format helps in the handling of images and data within a single file. MailXaminer provides the option to convert emails to TIFF file format through the fast and accurate export option.