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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration Feature

The "Team Collaboration" feature enables multiple individuals (corporates, reviewers, investigators, paralegals, etc.) interconnected on the same network, to analyze and review evidences related to the same case. This feature allows its user to work independently and simultaneously, with one case administrator. Essentially, the Client comes loaded with all the features that are already available in the stand alone version.

This makes the software an ideal email investigation and eDiscovery tool for an agency, law firm, or investigative team that needs to coordinate the search and analysis of emails in large volumes.

It has been designed for corporates, law enforcement, and professional digital forensic services firms, and features the powerful indexing search engine and unique cloud based review platform.

Investigators can quickly and easily search, review, and analyze emails. The easy to use interface allows you to find critical data, visualize relevant relationships, and drill down to the most pertinent evidence. With the email analysis tool, you can index and search multiple email sources, file types, and metadata. View results in a visual layout of your choice and export the documents of interest in a wide variety of file formats. The tool includes the most advanced export and sharing features available. Analysts and reviewers work can be consolidated into a single result facilitating collaborative investigations.

Team Collaboration feature have two components:

The tool provides basic case management functionality to allow the investigators to manage their case portfolios in an efficient manner. The Case Management functionality is a essentially a package of the following mentioned features.

Administrator/Server is the primary component and will perform three critical functions:

  • Indexing & preparation of the case data or evidence
  • Sharing details of case data between team members
  • Admin can Add or Edit User details & Change level of permissions of users
  • Add, Remove, Edit, Register, and Unregister the devices from Server
  • Create New case & share the case with the client from Server side
  • Maintain logs details of different client & export logs file details into CSV file format
  • Easy to Use & Quick deployment process

Client will provide the ability for team members to:

  • Independently search, filter, bookmark, tag, and comment on the case data
  • Transfer their work back to the Administrator for review and approval.

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