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Recursive Case File Auditing

In Depth Inspection of Email Evidence


Recursive is the term used to represent the process which is capable to being repeated. Recursive listing of file is the technique followed to access the entire data from the directory without open the main directories & subdirectories separately. In depth inspection of email help the investigators to access the data in fast manner Than the normal search. The common example to under stand recursive view in case file audit is the listing of files in command prompt. By using command “dir / s” you can list the files in the current directory and subdirectory.

When ever the user don’t know the correct location or position of the data in a large file, then by using electronic evidence auditing method user can display the entire data in the file without opening each folder and find the specific data. This process will help to save the searching time of the user when they handling a large file with a huge sub files.

During the digital forensic investigation, the investigators need to handle a bulk of digital documents with evidence data. The main issue faced by the forensicator is that they were not familiar with the document and its content. Hence the searching of the evidence from such a large data base with the assumption is not an easy process. Hence in such situations through the recursive listing of file, investigators can display the entire content of the data. Which will help them to understand about what are evidence items present within that database and to perform in depth data analysis.

Case File Audit with MailXaminer

With the help of recursive listing feature of the forensics software investigators can easily access the email evideces present in the case directory. Follow the bellow section to how to perform in depth inspection of email with recursive item listing feature of the tool.

Normal View

Within the computer forensics tool a case directory will created for each case. In the normal view the selected case directory on the Top of the folders will show no data in the display panel.

Normal View

Activate Recursive Case File Audit

Through the in depth inspection of email evidence investigator can perform case file audit within the directory without opening its sub-folders. For that user needs to activate complete Listing feature. Select and right click on the directory or subdirectory which you want see the data recursively and select the option Show recursive listing of items.

Activate Recursive Listing

Recursive View of Emails

After activating the recursive case file auditing feature of the tool it will shows the complete listing of emails of its sub directories. Through tyhis in depth data analysis feature the investigator can easily access the suspected email evidences without visiting the various subdirectories.

In depth investigation of email