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Forensic Video Analysis

MailXaminer is a reliable forensic video analysis software to analyze the availability of pornographic video content from 20+ email types, and help investigators to obtain accurate result based on the different sensitivity levels.

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Forensic Video Analysis To Investigate Pornography

Investigate Pornography and Humiliation via
Advanced Video Analysis Filter

Humiliation via pornographic videos has become a stark reality. The new intensifying criminal minds of ethical as well as non-ethical individuals has given rise to the need for advanced pornographic video analysis tool. The need for highly advanced forensic video solutions which deliver results or reports with 100% accuracy, without any ambiguity has become inevitable.

MailXaminer stands as an independent video forensics solution that can easily investigate and analyze the availability of pornographic video content from 20+ email types, in addition to almost all the renowned web – based emailing services. Pornography is progressive, and it should be controlled at the earliest possible stage. MailXaminer – an email forensic analysis program can easily analyze all the available video attachments and categorize them into three levels as "Low, Moderate, High" based on the pornographic content available in it.







Video Crime Investigation Using Forensic Video Analysis Software

During forensic analysis of video file formats, forensic video examination feature of MailXaminer software help the investigators to easily analyze video attachment with the pornographic content according to their sensitivity levels. Follow the given steps to perform video forensics on the suspected emails:

STEP 1: Settings Mode

Just after the creation of case, the investigator or custodian is required to switch the video analysis parameter ON. For best results from forensic video solutions, the sensitivity level of Video Analysis Filter should be set to High.

Settings Mode

STEP 2: Media Section

After the suspected mailbox is traversed and scanned, now the investigator must switch to the Media section of the video forensics software. Click on the Media section to view all the available attachments in the suspect's mailbox.

Media Section

Step 3: All Mediat

By clicking on the All Media option in the Media window the custodian can now view the various categories in which video analysis tool has categorized all the attachments.

All Media

Step 4: Suspected Data

To view the available suspected videos after the forensic video examination the user needs to select the Suspected Attachment option from the All Media section. Through the forensic analysis of video file formats the video investigation software categories the video attachment into three sections according to its sensitivity level. The videos with highly obscene pornographic videos can be found under the High tab, the moderate ones fall under the Moderate tab and the videos with negligible pornographic content are categorized under the Low section.

Suspected Data

The obtained suspected video during the video crime investigation can easily be exported either in conjunction with the complete Original Item or as an Attachment only, with the help of this forensic video analysis tool.

Export Suspected Data

In addition to the video forensics software feature, MailXaminer also stands as an expertized solution for Skin Tone Analysis. The image Analysis feature of the tool provides the investigators with the option of investigating the availability of the pornographic images.

For any technical assistance regarding the Skin Tone Analysis aspect of Video Analysis attribute of the tool, please contact our Technical Support Team.