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Email Content Analysis Software

Nowadays, people use electronic mail (e-mail) as their primary source of communication. Email content analysis is a valuable process during digital forensic investigations to detect criminal activities that occur through email communication. Emails are widely used for both formal and informal communication in everyday life. This significant growth in internet usage and digital devices has also led to a rapid increase in the rate of digital crimes. This page will explain the best way to analyze content of email body.

The manual forensic analyse of email body content data to extract the hidden information is very time consuming and also most of the time that should be ineffective. In such situations email content analysis software is the best option. Because it helps in analysis of email data in bulk and also help the investigators to obtain the accurate result very fast. Email content analysis helps the investigator to to extract the information related to the user time, date, topic, location organisation etc.

Basic Structure of Email File

An email file is basically divided into three section “Header, Body & Attachment”. The Attachment section is normally included within the email body part. But during email attachment analysis process it will be considered as a separate section and also the attachments may be a video, image, document or other types of files.

email structure

During the investigation the email content analysis is divided into three parts.

1) Email Body Content Analysis

Email body is the field that is commonly used by the email users to communicate. Generally emails are more briefly written file than the other text documents. Addition to textual data it also contains “URL, non textual attachments, RTF, HTML “etc. During the analysis of email body field the investigator get the meta details that are related to the email message. But through the proper email body analysis the investigator can extract the hidden information that is try to communicate by the users.


2) Email Attachment Analysis

Email attachments are the computer files which contain the data that are not included in main body of the email file. Attachments are usually used to simplify the sharing of large amount textual and non textual data across the internet. Normally attachments are included within the email body so that, we can say that the email files are act as the carrier for attachments. These files can be open and save independently after receiving the email. The email attachments can contain different types of “Text files, Audio files, Video files, images, Archive files”. For the cyber attacks and all the malware and pornographic content distributions are mainly occurred through the attachment. Hence the email attachment analysis help to find the these types of data and also help to extract all type of information that are invisibly communicate by the users.

attachment analysis

Email Content Analysis Now Feasible Within Few Clicks

There are a variety of email message analysis tools are available in the software market that offers users with the promise of investing their forged or interpreted email message but fails to do it successfully. Meanwhile, MailXaminer is amongst those email analysis software which not only offers a unique procedure of email content analysis but also does it with accuracy and sheer security. Investment on this application is only an advantageous option to go for because the range of facilities bestowed under such a reasonable price is hard to find anywhere else. It also helps to analyze email content from a wide range of mailboxes as the software is supportive of 10 different types of file formats successfully.

Perform Email Content Analysis

Plenty of situations lead to the requirement of performing email content analysis of email body. Suppose you use webmail service for emailing purpose and in the same mail profile an email is received from the webmail service authority asking about your email credentials.

NOTE: Email credentials are the login details of your account i.e. email ID and Password which are very confidential and shouldn't be shared with anyone. Most importantly, no email service provider would ask you about your email credentials over email.

Hence, probably somebody has fallaciously tried to conquer the confidential details of your account to perform cyber crime activities with its usage. This way, any criminal activity performed using the respective account details will be accounted on the name of the profile holder i.e. you. Cyberspace has been facing such cases every now and then which are making it difficult for users to avoid due to the spotless way in which such acts are performed that they remain unnoticed in front of the users.

Performing email content analysis with our MailXaminer program is the ultimate way to perform an authentic email content investigation. This forensic email content analysis software also offers a very strong search content technique which lets you search for the matched email message instantly.

Email Content Analysis with MailXaminer

Email content forensic is a common process in the Investigation. Most of the manual method to analyse email content take a lot of time and also the result will be very pathetic. These are all the reasons that lead to use the email body content analysis to analyse the email message during the investigation.

MailXaminer is a reliable email content analysis tool to examine and analyse the email body during the investigation. Which allow the investigator to analyse the email message with its all meta data. It also allow the examiner to preview and examine the email file in different views : “Mail, Hex, Message Header, Properties, MIME, Email Hop, HTML, RTF, Attachments” follow the bellow steps to analyze email content in different views with MailXaminer.

Mail View: Mail view of the tool allow to preview the email message with its property including “Path, From, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject” etc. This view provides the result in the user perspective after the recovery f the email content.

Mail View

Hex View: It will shows the email content in Hexadecimal value. During the email investgation process by using character mapping from the Hex code, examiner can easily find whether anyone try to destroy any part of the email data.

Hex view

Property View: It provides the short view of the email attributes like Message flags, Recipient, Represent sender, Sender details etc. This help the investigators to examine the data through the summarized details during email content analysis.

Property View

Message Header:During the email content analysis process this view will provide the header related all information such as “Sender address, Receiver address, MIME version, message ID, content type, Cc, Bcc” etc.

body content

MIME View: It provides the complete MIME details including the version, textual or non textual attachment information. These information helps to find out all hidden evidences like the priority level that define the urgency of the mail.


Email Hop: It help to perform email content analyse through examine the path of the email journey including the all gateways, router and switches through which the email had passed on its way. This will help the investigators to extract the more information through tracking the route in-between the sender and receiver.

Email Hop

HTML View: This view will help to perform email content analysis through analysing the internal script of the selected email in different views. It also help to identify whether any action is performed to remove the originality of the email data.


RTF View: This will help to identify any RTF formatting data is available in the email or not. The formatting and font setting can be easily analysed through this view.

RTF view

Attachment View: This view allow to preview the email attachment if any attachment is available within the email file. It divides into two pane one provides the list of attachments available and the other for preview the attachment.

Email Attachment analysis