Get To Know USB Dongle Based License Advantages

Published By Anurag Sharma
Anuraag Singh
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Published On August 17th, 2015
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Category Forensics

USB Dongle License provides a dongle-based protection which enables to bind the application to the physical device which has been connected to the USB port of the user machine. To be crystal clear, the USB Dongle License renders a node-locked license on a USB which gives the freedom to move and transfer the software license between different machines easily.

MailXaminer is now also available with a Dongle Based Licensing. This unique feature enables the user to work with license version of MailXaminer on different user machines. The dongle, when switched in the machine having the demo version of MailXaminer installed, unlocks the demo version and the software can be used as its license version.

Advantages of USB Dongle Based License

  • Can Be Used In Multiple Machines

The biggest and the foremost advantage of deploying USB Dongle License of MailXaminer is that it can be used in multiple numbers of machines. The only pre-requisite is that the machines should have the demo version of MailXaminer installed in them. This allows the forensic investigator to carve out the evidences from suspect machines without the need for purchasing the license version every time. Since extracting the data and exporting it to a different machine can hamper it, USB Dongle License serves to be a better resort to carve out the research on the same machine on which the crime has been done.

  • No Need For Additional Licenses

With USB Dongle License, the user does not require any additional licenses in order to activate the software in the user machine. The investigator just needs to have the dongle and the software will work in any machine. The only requirement is the installation of MailXaminer demo version. Once you have installed the demo version, the USB dongle can be plugged in and the software will run in its License version.

  • Unrestricted By USB Port Security

The USB Dongle works as a HID (Human Interface Device) and does not get affected by USB port security. This proves to be beneficial in the case when the dongle needs to be plugged in the suspect machine and the machine has USB Port Security enabled in it. The Dongle License gets installed in the suspect machine without any issue and the forensicators can easily carve out the evidences from the machine.

  • External Device Driver Not Required

No external Device driver installation is necessary for the working of USB Dongle License. Thus it minimizes all the technical issues that rise due to external device drivers.

  • Unaffected By Hard Drive Crash

Unlike the License version that is installed and stored on the hard drive of user machine. The USB Dongle License is not installed in the hard drive. Therefore in scenarios of hard drive crash, the USB dongle remains unaffected. In such cases if the demo version of MailXaminer installed in the hard drive needs to be downloaded once again. Apart from that, the investigator does not need to worry about the loss of MailXaminer software.

All the above mentioned advantages of USB Dongle License of MailXaminer make it an ideal application that gives the forensicators liberty to access MailXaminer on any available system