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Run Full Version on Multiple Machines with Dongle

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Plug the Dongle and Enjoy Working with licensed tool on

Multiple Machines

One of the growing arena in digital forensics is the use of USB dongles for the licensing of software. Dongles allow the investigators to use the full version of the software on multiple machines with the demo version installed on every computer.

MailXaminer, now is available with a unique feature of Dongle Based Licensing. The software can be installed and used on multiple computers at the same time, even if the user only owns a single license. On making a purchase through Dongle based license, a USB type hardware device is provided. Once connected, the device gets installed and unlocks the software trial edition to a licensed copy.

Note: - There will be different prices for the Dongle if you order dongle based license of the tool. User will receive the dongle within 1-2 week through the shipment. For more details regarding dongle based licensing of MailXaminer; click here to contact our technical support team