Team Collaboration – MailXaminer Tool

MailXaminer | January 13th, 2018 | Forensics

Deceiving mentalities, law-breaking intents, and actions that commit any crime cannot be totally ruled out even after gaining so much technical control over things. More technology to means more such technical-oriented criminal occurrences, making it imperative for investigators to increment their forensic skills by using a technical arm as their support to discover the findings in the more accurate manner. Third-party forensic tools are a help in this regard. One such useful forensic tool in the hands of investigators in the Digital Forensic Tool, which is a very powerful solution helping the investigating agencies to generate cyber forensic reports or produce evidence reports that are seen by the judicial system as factual evidence. Accurate digital forensic analysis, active leads, potential evidence and e-discovery processes are validated before the court of law.


The video will demonstrate team collaboration as well as MailXaminer Server version 1.0. This SysTools application is basically an email analysis tool that enables a single investigator to keyword search, tag, bookmark, export, and report on email and email-related files. Often, there are case deadlines that must be met for depositions, court dates etc. As such, there are many instances, where it will be cost-beneficial to have multiple investigators logged into the same case to perform any investigative proceedings. A dedicated solution can be availed for setting and managing team collaboration, thus required.