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Published On April 9th, 2020
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Whether at a workplace, at home, or in a meeting, remote team collaboration is very important. It speeds up projects, solve tough challenges and helps to establish the relationship.

In digital forensics, it is very difficult for a single investigator to analyze every single data and find the evidence. So, team collaboration activities play a vital role in speed up the investigation process. Therefore, MailXaminer provides a feature to remotely collaborate with the team members which helps the investigators to keep work moving forward to examine the cyberattack.

Below are some collaboration team building ideas and feature by MailXaminer team:

“Before adding this feature in this software, we found that there is a huge amount of information to analyze. Moreover, it is very tough for a single investigator to analyze and remember the whole information. Therefore, it is important to add a remote work team collaboration feature for seamless team communication. There are so many benefits of remote team work as it saves time, effort, and money and also helps in making decisions.

Remote teamwork is very important as it ensures that everyone who is working is involved in a common goal and is fully aware of the requirements. Later on, this teamwork and collaboration help to achieve the goal.”

Need for Team Collaboration in Digital Forensics?

Teamwork and collaboration is very important as it’s an essential part of every project and it consists of numerous benefits of remote team collaboration, as mentioned below:

  • Remote team collaboration is necessary in forensics in order to deliberate, interpret the evidence. It also helps to develop new theories and to connect all the clues.
  • In teamwork activities, every team member has different qualities such as leadership, character, inspire trust, etc.
  • All team members working in team collaboration have a clear and share vision in which they are moving forward.
  • Every member knows the scope of the case with their responsibility in the case. This allows every member to work in an efficient manner and saves time, money and effort.

Remote Team Collaboration in MailXaminer

MailXaminer which is exclusively built to meet the challenging forensics demands offers two components in team collaboration feature:

Administrator/Server Features:

  • Admin can index and prepare the case.
  • Admin can Add, Remove, Register, Un-register, edit with the devices from the server.
  • Admin can check the activities of team members.
  • Admin can change the level of permissions of each team member and can also add or remove any team member.
  • Admin can create new cases and can share cases with the team members.

Client Features:

  • All team members can use the features given by the software such as search analysis, analytics, filter, bookmark, tag, and comment on the case files.
  • Can perform proper analysis and then transfer their work to the Administrator for review.

How to Work as a Team Using MailXaminer?

Create Admin: Set admin configuration by providing all details of admin such as Email ID, Password, First Name, Last Name, Storage Path.


Login Account: After adding the admin account, open the server-side of MailXaminer by providing the username and password.

Add Device

Add Devices: Admin can add a device by providing IP Address and Computer Name.

Add User

Add User: Admin can add any user by providing the credentials such as Email ID, Password, First Name, and Last Name. User can also change the level of permissions.

Add User

Add Case: Admin can add new cases by filling the details such as Title, Description, Keyword List, Investigator Name, Agency Name, Fax, etc., which corresponds to the new case.

Add Case

The software also allows to preview of all the created cases along with the details of each case.

Logs: Admin can preview the activity done by the client and server machine. It holds the information of client and server machines such as Label, Description, Event Time, User Name, Machine Details.


Summing Up

Teamwork can be used to minimize the effort and to speed up the investigation process. In addition, Remote teamwork is a feature in MailXaminer which is an email forensic software that allows investigators to easily accomplish email investigation in a team from different locations. There are many advanced features also available in the software that help forensic investigators in the email investigation process.


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