OCR Reader Technology to Extract Textual Data From Image

MailXaminer | December 21st, 2018 | Forensics

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the technology used to convert the text within the image which is either printed, typed or handwritten, into machine reliable text format. This process will help to extract the textual data from the images. The main use of the OCR reader is to convert the printed document into machine readable text document without typing the data. It will help to reduce the typing errors and the time consumption for the large data entry.

OCR Software technology will scan the images and identify the characters by recognizing the pattern of the characters and it will create an editable and searchable data file from the image file. Nowadays OCR technology is using in banking and many other organizations to avoid manual editing errors and to create digital documents very fast.

For Ex: you got a paper document like a magazine and you need to convert it into an editable digital format in the word document. For this case, we know that the scanner is not enough to make editable information, because it creates the digital document in image format. For such situations, we can use OCR reader software to extract and create an editable digital text file.

Working of OCR Reader Software

The OCR data extraction in image is performing through the scanning process. That is it will scan the image containing the textual data line by line. First, analyse the structure of the image and then divide it into blocks of text. From which it will separate into lines, then words, at last the characters. After this OCR will analyse the pattern of each character and extract the feature.

Feature extraction used to identify the characters because each one uses different font and style to write the data. Due to this same character may appear differently in the document. To recognize the characters accurately without affecting style it is necessary to use feature detection. After that using the detected feature OCR identify the characters and generate the corresponding textual data from the image.

Scan and Extract Data from Specific Sections Using Zonal OCR Software

Zonal Optical Character Recognizer is also known as Template OCR. It is the technology used to extract the text from a specific location of the scanned document. It uses the coordinates to select the location or zone to scan for the text. In normal OCR scanning, the entire document will be scanned and converted into the digital text file. But the Zonal OCR software will allow you to scan the textual image in the particular location of the file and convert into text. This OCR data extraction help you to save your time and resources.

The Zonal OCR technology is not only used to scan and generate the corresponding text it can also be trained to understand the structure and hierarchy of the document. It will help the OCR to understand features of the certain fields and easily identify that field during the similar scanning process. It reduces the time and manual errors from the process.

Examine OCR file in MailXaminer

In Digital Forensic Investigation the analysis of the OCR file is an important process. Because nowadays most of the data are created by using the OCR technology software, to reduce the consuming time and avoid manual errors. And also through OCR image creation, we can ensure the security of data during the transfer because it will not allow to edit or copy the data.

The Digital Forensic Tool MailXaminer provide the option to examine the OCR data. In which it scans the email file contain the OCR reader data either in the body or attachment. The tool allows to preview and export the OCR file.

During the preview of the OCR file, it provides different view options such as “Attachment Properties, Attachment, Hex, Mail, GPS Location” to examine the evidence very accurately. Each view provides different information about the evidence.

OCR view

MailXaminer also provides the option to export the OCR file similar to other file formats. It exports the OCR data as an image file which can be viewed using any image viewer.

ocr image


OCR is the technology used to extract the textual data from the image and convert into machine reliable text document. Zonal OCR software is the OCR reader used to extract the text from the particular zone of the document. MailXaminer is the reliable Digital Forensic Tool allows to preview and export the OCR file.