OCR Reader Technology to Extract Textual Data from Image

MailXaminer | May 30th, 2020 | Forensics

Are you an investigating officer who wants to extract textual data from an image file? Are you trying to find a reliable solution for the same? Do not worry! We are here to help you know the finest approach to take texts out from the uneditable files.

What is OCR Technology?

Using OCR reader technology, one can seamlessly process data extraction from the image files. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, which is a technology that helps to convert different types of documents such as PDF files, photos/images, and scanned paper documents into an editable format. The major role of OCR is to convert the printed document into a machine-readable text format without typing the data. This process will help to extract the textual data from the images in a hassle-free way. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the typing errors and reduces time consumption for the large data entry.

OCR software technology will scan the images and identify the characters by recognizing the pattern of the character. Furthermore, it will create an editable and searchable data file from the image file. OCR technology is extensively availed in digital forensic investigation, banking, and in various other domains.

Working of OCR Reader Technology

The OCR data extraction in an image file is performed through the scanning process. To be more precise, it will scan the textual data in the image line by line. At first, it will analyze the structure of the image and divide it into blocks of text. From which it will separate into lines followed by words and at last by characters.

After this, OCR will analyze the pattern of each character and extract the feature. Feature extraction is used to identify the characters because each text uses a different font and style. To recognize the characters accurately without affecting the style, it is necessary to use feature detection. After that, using the detected feature OCR will identify the characters and generate the corresponding textual data from the image.

How OCR Technology is Benefitted to Forensic Investigators?

During the investigation of email data files, there exist uneditable files like PNG, JPEG, PDF, etc. Under such an instance, it is not feasible to examine the textual data from such files manually. As a result, it is advised to avail apt Email Examiner Software such as MailXaminer.

The software is induced with OCR technology feature that helps to effortlessly extract and investigate the data from such uneditable files. With this functionality, it saves the valuable time of the investigating officers to implement the email investigation process in a hassle-free way. Besides the OCR reader technology feature, this best-in-class software is loaded with countless other features such as search mechanism, advanced analytics options, etc.

How to Examine Uneditable Files Using MailXaminer Software?

Here comes the step-by-step guide to identify and examine the textual data from the image files using MailXaminer. So, let’s begin!

Step 1: Once the software is launched, you need to change the settings to avail of OCR technology. Navigate to Options >> Settings >> Processing Options

OCR Reader Technology

Step 2: From the Processing Options tab >> Index Settings >> tick OCR >> Save

Processing OCR Technology

Step 3: Upon selecting the Media section, the software will provide a detailed preview of all the files


Step 4: Now, specify the keyword to find from the bulk emails and its attachments using the Search feature


Step 5: The software will display the matching results, which can be viewed in detail using Preview option as shown below


Step 6: After this, the software will display the file containing the Searched Keyword.

OCR Reader Searched Keyword

Closing Lines

OCR is a technology used to extract the textual data from the image and convert it into a machine reliable text document. While investigating email data files, OCR plays an important role which collects word-based data from the uneditable files. Moreover, we have also introduced a proven yet reliable software to perform OCR from the email data files in this blog.