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Export PST File Into PDF Format For Digital Forensic Investigation

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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a secured file format designed to present the documents in multiple devices and different platforms. It is used to represent two-dimensional documents in resolution & device independent fixed-layout format. It demands a low memory space without affecting the quality of the document. Here, we will understand a hassle-free way to export PST file into PDF format.

In Digital Forensics PDF file format is the best option to store the evidence. Because it provides more security options like password protection and also its un-editable nature provide more protection to the data.

So, accomplish your need to export PST file into PDF and save selected emails/attachments of Outlook for legal formalities. For this exporting process, MailXaminer can be used in Digital Forensics. This tool has the ability to convert Outlook PST to PDF file format and make information secure plus accessible on cross platform.

Essential Benefits to Export PST Emails to PDF

PDF files are considered as one of the most authenticated & reliable information saver. Its reliability can be understood with the fact that PDF documents are used on a large scale in legal formalities.

  • Export deleted as well as password protected PST emails to PDF file
  • Original visual elements & interactive functions will be preserved
  • Convert emails from ANSI/Unicode PST as it supports all versions of MS Outlook
  • The digital signature can be applied on PDF to confirm its authenticity
  • Display settings like page layout, zoom level etc can be added to PDF documents
  • As a “read only” document, PDF cannot be edited without leaving an electronic footprint
  • Universally accepted & displayed around the world, irrespective of the operating system
  • File compression is possible with PDF, with no loss in quality

Conversion to PDF For Selected Emails & Attachments

This Digital Forensics Tool allow analyzing custodian web based application or desktop based file over different factors & mark suspected or evidence emails/attachments, which can be then easily converted to the PDF file format. Following processes will allow you to Export PST file into PDF format.

Examine Outlook PST file

This tool allows to open and examine the Outlook PST file. It provides different views such as Message, Hex, Properties, Message Header, HTML etc. for the complete examination of email data during Forensic Investigation.

preview pst email

Select Desired Emails to Export

During the exporting process, the tool allows you to selectively convert Outlook PST to PDF file format by selecting desired emails.

select emails

Export Options in Forensics Tool

After selecting the PST files that containing the desired emails choose PDF option to export PST file into PDF file.


Complete Folder Export in PDF Format

If the case needed to export the complete folder from the selected file instead of specific emails, the tool provides the option for bulk export. Follow the processes given below to perform the Transfer of entire folder of PST file into PDF file format.

Bulk Export Option to Export PST File Into PDF

The Digital Forensic tool provides the option to convert Outlook PST to PDF file as bulk through the Export Button. It allows exporting entire mailbox folder into PDF format.


Save Bulk of Data as PDF File

For the conversion of the bulk set of Outlook PST file, desired folders can be selected in the software. After the folder selection, use PDF option through Export Options to export PST file into PDF format.


Additional Export Settings in 

While exporting data from PST file into PDF format you are allowed to perform some actions such as Export settings, PDF Settings, Naming Conventions to manage exported items for efficient results. General settings provide additional options such as:
Maintain folder hierarchy: Original structure of the folder will be maintained for the exported file.

Exclude duplicates: Filter out the duplicate items while conversion automatically.


Change Additional PDF Settings

With PST file conversion to PDF format, it provides the option to manage page size, paper orientation, header and footer text & margin from different sides is given for better outputs.

pdf settings

Apply Naming Convention

From the Export settings, Naming Convection can be applied to name the exported file.

naming convention settings


PDF is the file format provides more security to the data and accessible on cross platform. This file can be used to save the email data stored in PST file for the forensic Investigation purpose. During the Digital Forensic Investigation the above featured software can be used to analyze and export PST file into PDF format.