Chaos Intellect Forensics – Search for Evidence

Chaos Intellect Forensics
Sharma Anurag | Modified: 27-10-2022 | Forensics | 5 Minutes Reading

Chaos Intellect is a business email software that is popular among business organizations across the world. Chaos Intellect is the part of Chaos University that is providing training about the usage of this software. It first appeared as Chaos Contact Manager with the tag line “try before you buy”. Since then, it is under improvement to fulfill the need of its current users. The latest version of Chaos Intellect has a wide variety of features and functionalities like Email Client, Tasks, Calendars, Contact, Project Management, etc.

But, it mainly focused on its mailing service. It is the first email client which has a separate function for project management. It provides the option to create projects through which multiple team members can connect and easily share created notes, appointments, tasks, etc.

Chaos Intellect is a very useful email client that allows its users to transfer emails instantly. It also provides other amazing facilities to work conveniently like no other email client does. Chaos Intellect allows its users to connect with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. It also provides the facility to backup-data and restores emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and projects. It creates a backup file with the extension of .bak in the selected folder.

Chaos Intellect Forensics

Examining Chaos Intellect Emails for Evidence

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, Chaos Intellect provides a wide range of functionalities and features that makes it a good Email Client and Project Management tool. Millions of users from all over the world are using Chaos Intellect as the primary email client. Therefore, the probability of any cyber crime attack with this application is very often. So, during the Chaos Intellect email forensics, investigators need a smart tool that can extract out the evidence from the Chaos Intellect user database.

It is suggested for the Investigators to make use of an advanced forensic utility named as MailXaminer email forensic software. It enables to analyze the Chaos Intellect email client user data in order to fetch evidence from it. The software is efficient for forensics purpose as it is having advanced functionalities such as Advanced Searches, Geo Mapping, Auto Tagging, Skin Tone Analysis, and many more. MailXaminer Email Forensics Software supports 20+ email storage file formats, and more than 80 email clients. Moreover, it is capable of searching the evidence from huge data without any hassle.

Explore the Location of User Data Storage Folders

Before proceeding with the investigation process, examiners have to locate the default user database folder location or backup-data from Chaos Intellect application. Default user data location can be found at the following location from the computer:

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Chaos Software

User Data Storage Folders

With the email forensic tool MailXaminer, it becomes easy for the investigators to examine Chaos Intellect user data to extract the evidence from the list of emails. Therefore, investigators can easily pick any of the target data folders to analyze and start searching for evidence. But there is some probability of data corruption during the transfer of files or folders into any removable devices. Therefore, experts recommend to transfer the data into the Zipped folder first, and then try to transfer it into any other devices.

Chaos Intellect Forensics via MailXaminer – The Best Email Forensic Software

MailXaminer provides a wide range of advanced functionalities for email forensics. It includes Powerful Search Mechanism, Multiple Preview Modes, Geolocation Mapping, Forensic Video Analysis, etc. Using the MailXaminer software, investigators can easily examine the suspect’s data to extract the evidence from it. Further, we will discuss some of the advanced features and investigation functionalities rendered by MailXaminer forensic software.

Search Evidence with Powerful Search Mechanism

MailXaminer provides several advanced searches such as General Search, Proximity Search, Regular Expression, Stem Search, Fuzzy Search, and Wildcard Search. These searches are based on advanced algorithms and help investigators to find evidence in a convenient way. It also provides logical searches (AND, OR, and NOT) to search required data with similar suspected keywords.

Powerful Search Mechanism

Analyze Evidential File with Multiple Preview Modes

With this amazing forensic tool, users can open and view email files in multiple preview modes which are Normal Mail, Hex, Properties, Message Header, MIME, Email Hop, HTML, RTF, Attachments, and Word Cloud. These different views help investigators to extract hidden data and analyze it into different preview modes.

Multiple Preview Modes

Find Geolocation of Image Attachment by Mapping

During the email investigation process, the investigators first need to examine the image attachment of the suspected email. Image attachments are the primary source of evidence in email forensics. MailXaminer email forensic software has the ability to track the location of the image attachment from where it was taken using Geolocation Mapping feature. But, the image location can be only tracked, if the image is being captured wherein the device has been enabled with location. It helps examiners to find out the exact Geolocation of the image by using its Geotag details saved within the image.

Geolocation of Image

Examine Video Attachment with Forensic Analysis

MailXaminer provides Forensic Video Analysis feature which helps to categorize the attachment video files into different sections. Sections such as Drugs, Extremism, Gore, Porn, Swim, and Weapons according to the data are there in it. It also provides the preview of the video through which an investigator can easily examine the stored data and fetch out the evidence from it.

Examine Video Attachment


Chaos Intellect is a proficient email client and project management tool. Therefore, nowadays millions of users are using this automated solution. But with the increased usage of Chaos Intellect, there is also an increased probability of cybercrime with this application. The user data related to the application is saved separately at the default location in one’s system. In this blog, we have also discussed MailXaminer Email Investigation Tool which allows investigators to search for evidence in the user database easily and efficiently.