Top 10 Reasons to Use MailXaminer for Email Investigations

MailXaminer | July 27th, 2015 | Forensics

The arena of digital forensics is primarily led by cases involving the use, or better portrayed as ‘misuse’ of email messages for conducting criminal activities. Higher the medium, better the examination technique should be. Therefore, forensic examiners prefer using applications in variety to carry out investigation procedures in an organized and powerful manner. Every case comes with a variety of convolutions, which demand for individual attention and therefore, investigators are compelled to employ a variety of applications for the same. This has become more of a necessity as applications not only help examiners work their way through a case but also offer coordination.

Many examiners with specialization in email forensics have chosen MailXaminer as their preferred application for conducting complete forensic email analysis. MailXaminer is an exceptionally well application for the comprehensive investigation of email messages for the very reason that examination of both; web based and desktop-based emails are supported by the program. Besides its versatility, a plenty of reasons make this tool worthy of being owned by an investigator for email forensics.

Here is a list of top 10 reasons that prove MailXaminer is the most preferable tool for carrying out email investigations:

  1.  Dedicated Email Examination

Email examiner is a dedicated email investigation tool and a variety of featured qualities support the fact. Firstly, analysis of both desktop based and web-based emails is executable with equal convenience. Moreover, the abidance with legal standards of conducting digital forensics makes the application more suitable. Stages covered during a digital investigation are carefully complied by the program in the form of embedded features like:

  • Evidence collection
  • Examination
  • Search
  • Extraction
  • and Reporting, with an added range of facilities
  1. Visualize Evidence Analysis

Evidence in visual representation always offers a little different and better look at the case. MailXaminer offers a range of views of the different parts and portions of an email message. The message body and header are the two most important parts, which the tool has properly categorized through these views as: message header view, normal message view, hexadecimal, HTML structure, and more such, that define each segment of a message.

The classifications of these sections help make the investigation proceed in a quicker and well-directed manner thus, making the results achievable much faster. Moreover, the UI design assists investigators in an excellent way by making the procedure executable more conveniently.

  1. Complete Evidence Finder

Every investigation requires looking in and out for evidences and the program comes with an extremely powerful search mechanism. The search controller helps detect an email with the help of attachment embedded in it or terms used in its message body.

Even the slightest of clue can help find out a message from a collection of thousands of other emails. That is the power of search mechanism integrated within mail examiner. Multiple numbers of settings can be applied to define a search in more details, which are extended as:

  • Search filters
  • Search types
  • Search options
  • Search criteria
  • Search operators

General to Predefined, Advanced, and Proximity searches, the programming of this robust option in MailXaminer helps conduct investigation of evidence depending on the degree of complexity and level of search conducted.

  1. Organized Evidence Processing

The processed evidence is rendered in court admissible formats, which are further suitable for representation purpose in the court of law during litigation procedures. Varieties of file types are featured by the application as part of extracting evidential emails and distinguishing them from the acquired artifacts.

  1. Retrieval of Spoiled Evidence

Evidence spoliation is the most common act performed by suspects with the purpose of either changing or completely wiping off the evidence left behind. Mostly carried out on desktop-based email clients, the act is reversible with the help of MailXaminer. Deleted messages are retrievable despite hard deletion being the preferred method.

Retrieval of the then lost messages proves to be a strong point of investigation which turns the table around and helping things make sense, like a lost piece of puzzle. Further, the application simplifies spotting the retrieved messages by highlighting them in the color RED. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Exchange Server, are among some of the clients on which the technique is applicable.

  1. Reporting

Reporting is the final stage of an investigation that sums up the entire case into a small documented report, explaining each minute detail of the procedures conducted during the case. The application generates an individual report for each action of email examination that is carried out using MailXaminer. This includes:

  • Case report
  • Tag report
  • Keyword report
  • Bookmark report, and more

The reporting is done multiple formats that include Adobe PDF being a court admissible format. A complete report is generated in text form for representation purpose during litigation to prove and support the point put up by the investigator.

  1. Skin Tone Based Image Analysis

Besides the corporate cases involving identity theft, intellect property theft, and more, the current trend in cybercrime majorly involves child pornography and exchange of obscene media. For the detection of such activities having taken place from the suspect email profile, the examiner offers Skin Tone Detection. This feature once enabled tracks down any/all messages with such form of media exchanged based on skin tone detection. This media is detectable both when embedded as an attachment or within an attachment. This quality of the tool makes it enormously advanced relatively and more suitable for the ratio of such cases taking place in the current time.

  1. Link Examination

Most corporate based cybercrimes are accomplished with the help of emails. In addition, where there is a communication, there is a link: link between the communicators, i.e. the sender and recipient.

Link Analysis feature in the product facilitates the procedure of examining emails, understanding connections, and detecting them. All these are done with the help of this single feature called Link Analysis. Link analysis detects connection between users over domains making it easier for the investigator look for emails exchanged only between a particular user and the suspect.

  1. Share Evidence Easily and Collaborate

The number 9 reason, why the email examiner must be chosen over any other similar application is that it serves collaboration between investigators. Apart from the standard stages of executing, an investigation there is one more thing that must be taken into consideration, i.e. even collaboration between the people working on a case or associated to it.

The feature is well integrated within the application in the form of SaaS review, team collaboration, and more. This way, investigators can share case related progress and discovered evidence with fellow investigators for review purposes.

  1. Impersonate & Analyze Live Exchange

Getting full access of Exchange user mailbox for ESI collection and extraction sometimes becomes a cumbersome task for investigators. Server functioning can neither be interrupted nor be stopped thus putting halt in the investigation. Therefore, mail examiner extends a major provision for the same in the form of impersonation of user mailbox.

The option lets investigator impersonate whichever user mailbox with the help of administrative rights and that as well while the server is running live to search and acquire evidence.

Observation & Verdict: MailXaminer proves to be a complete and extremely suitable platform for the exclusion examination of email messages. Each point described above affirms the authentic appropriateness of the tool in favor of conducting a detailed investigation of email messages belonging to both web based and desktop based email clients. Moreover, features dedicated to serve for special cases like corporate crimes, pornography, etc., make perfect sense when provided by the tool in support of email investigation. Overall, MailXaminer makes up to be 101% apt application for directing the study of a case in a coordinated manner.