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Published On July 18th, 2020
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With the increasing number of email applications, organizations face cyber attacks from fraudster who make the best use of email clients to perform attacks. As a result, forensic investigators have to deal with the examination of various types of email applications. However, installing the default email client every time, which is associated with the email data file is quite a tedious process.

Therefore, forensic examiners prefer using a third-party software to carry out investigation procedures in an organized yet simplified manner. Availing such software helps them to examine the suspected files easily. Now, one of the major challenges is to choose the right tool to meet hovering demands. For that, MailXaminer is the best ever email investigation software. This application will instantly and safely analyze email files from countless email applications.

Numerous digital forensics examiners with specialization in Email Forensics have chosen MailXaminer as their preferred application for conducting complete email analysis. MailXaminer is an exceptionally proven application for the comprehensive investigation of email messages. The best part is that it can efficiently examine files from both web-based as well as desktop-based email clients. Besides its versatility, plenty of reasons make this tool worthy of being owned by an investigator for email forensics.

Here is a list of top 10 reasons that prove MailXaminer is the most preferable tool for carrying out email investigations. Unlike other email evidence examiner software, this tool renders all proven yet effective features to swiftly analyze email files.

1. Advanced Analytics Options

Using this powerful email examination software, one can easily carve those hidden potential artifacts in no time. One of the outstanding features of the tool is “Analytics” options. This comprises of Link Analysis, Timeline Analysis, Entity Analysis and Word Cloud. Let’s understand each of these features in detail. Link Analysis: This option helps to discover the relationship between multiple individual’s or entities emails that are connected with each other.

  • Timeline Analysis: This feature allows the user to find emails by timeline which is segregated into year, month and date. Besides emails, the different data extracted by timeline analysis include deleted mails, loose files, chats, etc.
  • Entity Analysis: It finds particularly location-oriented words from the email message, which displays the frequency of the words as well.
  • Word Cloud: It displays a visual representation which varies according to the size of the frequency of words.

2. Offers OCR Technology

Another highlighted feature of the tool is the OCR technology wherein it extracts data or content from uneditable files. The various uneditable files include PDF, images/photos, scanned documents, etc. By availing this option, the investigating officers can seamlessly examine the files even from uneditable file format. Moreover, it allows the investigation team to analyze every single file without giving a chance to miss any data.

In order to avail this option, simply mark the checkbox corresponding to OCR from the Settings wizard under Processing Options before starting the scanning process.

3. Robust Keyword Search Options

Every investigation requires looking in and out for evidences and the software comes with an extremely powerful search mechanism. The various search options helps to detect the emails along with the embedded attachments or terms, which is being used within the message body.

Even the slightest of clue can help find out potential evidence from a collection of thousands of emails. That is the power of search mechanism integrated within MailXaminer software. The different search options offered by the tool include:

  • General Search: It initiates a general search mechanism, which searches the specified keyword from the scanned data file.
  • Proximity Search: It performs search operation based on the distance specified between the words.
  • Regular Expression: Using a set of different patterns and arrangements, the syntax is generated. This helps to fetch the desired data from the bulk email files.
  • Stem Search: It searches and fetches the result that corresponds to the root word.
  • Fuzzy Search: Despite giving wrong input in the search bar i.e., words with spelling mistakes. One can easily fetch the desired results, which the software displays with resultant searches.
  • Wildcard Search: It is an advanced searching feature to find the evidence from the email data file. It comprises of *(Asterisk) and ?(Question Mark) wildcards.

4. Multiple Export File Types Options

The processed evidence is rendered in court admissible formats, which are further suitable for representation purposes in the court of law during litigation procedures. Varieties of file types are featured by the application to export the evidential emails and distinguishing them from the acquired artefacts. The different file formats rendered by the tool includes EML, PST, HTML, PDF, etc.

5. Retrieval of Spoiled Evidence

Evidence spoliation is the most common act performed by suspects with the purpose of either changing or completely wiping off the evidence left behind. Mostly carried out on desktop-based email clients, the act is reversible with the help of MailXaminer. With this software, it allows the users to retrieve deleted email messages as well.

Further, the application simplifies spotting the retrieved messages by highlighting them in the color RED. Email data files from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Exchange Server are among some of the email clients on which the technique is applicable.

6. Reporting

Reporting is another functionality of the software that sums up the entire case into a small documented report. It explains each minute detail of the procedures conducted during the case. The application generates an individual report for each action of email examination that is carried out using MailXaminer. This includes:

  • Case report
  • Tag report
  • Keyword report
  • Bookmark report
  • Senders report
  • Recipients report, etc.

The reporting is done in multiple formats such as HTML, CSV, PDF, etc.

Note: Adobe PDF is a court admissible format.

7. AI Powered Image Analysis

Besides the corporate cases involving identity theft, intellect property theft, and more. The current trend in cybercrime majorly involves child pornography and exchange of obscene media. For the detection of such activities taking place from the suspect’s email profile, the tool offers image analysis functionality.

This feature once enabled tracks down all messages with such form of media exchanged by analyzing the image. Moreover, it is categorized into Drugs, Extremism, Porn, Gore, Swim and Weapon. This media is detectable both when embedded as an attachment or within an attachment. This advanced feature of the tool makes it more suitable for the ratio of such cases taking place in the current time.

8. Skype Forensic Analysis

Using MailXaminer, users can efficiently analyze evidence from Skype DB files. Once the DB file gets uploaded to the software panel, it allows the user to analyze data such as chats, calls and SMS details from the suspected DB file. With this, a thorough examination of the DB file can be done without any hassle.

9. Share Evidence Easily and Collaborate

It provides functionality to collaborate between investigators. The tool helps in collaborating the case between the investigators who are working or associated to it.

The feature is well integrated within the application in the form of SaaS review, team collaboration, and more. This way, investigators can share case related progress and find evidence with fellow investigators for review purposes.

10. Geolocation Image Mapping

While capturing an image, the mobile device stores related data with regards to the image such as “Name, Dimensions, Date, Item type, Path, etc.” However, when the image is being captured with GPS enabled devices, it will automatically store the location details. This includes Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude value. The software renders geological image mapping, which let users to find out the exact geological location of the image from where it was taken.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, MailXaminer proves to be a complete solution for the examination of email messages. Each point described above affirms the authentic appropriateness of the tool in favor of conducting a detailed investigation of email messages belonging to both web-based and desktop-based email clients.

Moreover, features dedicated to serve for special cases like corporate crimes, pornography, etc., makes it perfect for in-depth investigation. Overall, MailXaminer makes up to be 101% apt application to carry out precise email analysis in a hassle-free way.


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