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Forensic Recovery of Evidence – A Need of Cyber Crime Investigators

A few years back if we look around on our past say about 80's, we could actually get to know what exactly happened to all the cyber crime cases we heard about. We are talking about those which are registered with cyber crime officials. If you get a chance to see the stats of cyber crime cases registered with forensic email analysis team, you will find plenty of Cyber Crime cases registered but the question is how many cases have been solved out of all those. The cyber crime team failed to succeed in most of the cases registered with them in early 80's as they all required Forensic recovery of evidence through forensic or digital tool. Presently at 20th century some of our known scientists made it possible by implementing & discovering Digital forensic tools to recover forensic evidences by forensic email investigation. MailXaminer email analysis software is also kind of same.

Why Forensic Recovery of Evidence is a Need?

Forensic recovery of evidence is not only a way to investigate cyber crime cases but of course a need for all the cyber forensic investigators, law enforcement, state governments etc to fight against this bizarre crime.

For Example: – Previously it wasn't even possible to analyze email headers, documented paper etc. which is a basic need for investigating a cyber forensics case. On the other hand if we talk about the spam emails that most of the people usually get in their mailbox by an intruder for forgery means, harassment etc. Our question is did you ever succeeded to get to know who that intruder exactly was? What was the IP address of the email sender?

Forensic Email Investigation Tool for all your requirements

Here comes the MailXaminer forensic email investigation tool for all your requirements & queries related to cyber forensics. It will offer you all the possible ways to do the forensic recovery of evidence. MailXaminer software would be the best software for you to analyze email headers and to avail fast search facility. It supports & recovers more than 10 email formats like EDB, PST, OST, MBOX, OLM, TBB, MBX etc which you can analyze simultaneously all of them.

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