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Email Tagging Software Feature

Tag Your Important Emails for Quick Reference

Email Tagging or Tags plays a significant role in email forensics process while handling a bulk dataset. An evidence tag is used in forensic investigation for digital data classification. It helps to separate the evidence data as important with the investigative point of view.

For example: While examining the files with a large number of emails, sometimes examiners find few emails having crucial data in it. Then, the investigator can mark the data as “Important” using Tagging Label. This label will help the investigator to categorize the suspected emails at one place.


"Add Tags" to Organize Emails and Perform

Investiation Effectively

What is Tagging?

Tagging is the process to categorize evidence email data or other items using any word or phrase as “Tags”. Tags/Labels help the investigators to identify particular data in a large database or during a busy task without spending a lot of time. Most commonly, tags are created by the user to organize and access data more precisely.

In a forensic investigation, email tagging feature helps the investigators to classify or categorize the suspected or evidential data. The primary purpose of forensic evidence tags is to identify the marked items for further investigation. That is, if there are multiple files present in the database which can be used as evidence, then, files can be tagged under a single data tag. It will help the investigators to access the set of files using the single tag.

Know How to Tag Emails Using Forensic Software

Email tagging software feature has now been added in the MailXaminer so that users can tag & categorize the emails as per their requirement during the investigation. Users can simply attach a word or phrase to tag any suspected email with MailXaminer.

Step 1

To do digital data classification with forensic evidence tags feature of email forensics software. Select the email, and then right click on selected email. Now, choose the “Tag” option from the list. It will provide two options: “Add Tag" and "Remove Tag”.

  • Add Tag : Allows tagging the selected emails.
  • Remove Tag : Allows removing the existing tags from the selected emails.


Step 2

After clicking on “Add Tag” option, users can either select the existing tag or create a new tag to categorize the selected email data. To create the new tag for email tagging, click on the “Create” option.


Step 3

After clicking on “Create” option, a window will pop-up to create new forensic evidence tag. Provide the Tag Name, Tag Description in the given fields. Also, the user can add “Nest Tag” under any the primary tag for proper organization.


Step 4

After creating a new tag, select the tag by putting a mark check in the box. Then, click on the “Save” button.


Step 5

After the completion of email tagging process, users can view the tagged files with highlighted tags in the email tab.


Step 6

Under the “Tagging” section, users can view all the tagged files. To view the email files tagged with the specific tag, user can select the tag from the “Tags List”. All the email files related to the selected tag will be displayed.