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Email Tagging Software Feature

Tag Your Important Emails For Quick Reference

Email tagging or tags play a significant role In email forensics, while the examiner needs to handle a bulk set of data. Through the digital data classification using forensic evidence tags will help the Forensicator to separate emails evidences which are important in an investigative point of view. For example: While examining any files with quite a large number of emails the examiner finds few emails having crucial data in it then it can be marked as “important” and this label will help you to categorize the suspected emails in one place.


Add Tags to Organise your Mails and Perform

Investigation Effectively

What is Tagging?

Data tagging is the process of providing labels or tags to the particular data item for finding or differentiate it from the other data in later time. Tags are nothing more than a keyword used to describe a piece of information; which can be in the form of words, images, or other identifying term. Tags/ labels help the user to identify particular data from a large database or during a busy task without spending a lot of time. It can also define as a metadata which help to easily search and find the data. Most commonly the tags are informally and personally created by the user to organize and access the data more precisely and the use or purpose of the tags will vary according to the situations. People use the Tags for various purposes like digital data classification, aid classification, ownership marking, online identity etc. The word or tags that used to tag the data is always according to user understanding.

In forensic investigation tagging is an important and common process used by the investigators. The primary purpose of forensic evidence tags are identify the item at later date, because the identification of particular email data from a large set of database is a very difficult and time consuming process. Email tagging feature will help the investigator to classify or categorize the suspected data. That is if there is multiple related files are present in the evidence database then those files can be tagged under the single data tag. This will help the investigators to access the set of files using that single tag.

Know How to Tag Emails Using Forensic Software Feature

This same email tagging software feature has now been added within the MailXaminer so that the users can tag & categorize the emails as per their requirement during the investigation. To tag any suspected email with MailXaminer, simply attach a word or phrase to any incoming or outgoing message.

Step 1

To do digital data classification by provide forensic evidence tags for the email evidences. Select the emails and right click and choose the tag option. Which will provide you to option “Add Tag & Remove Tag”.

  • Add Tag: Allows to give tag to the selected emails.
  • Remove Tag: Allows you to remove the existing tags from the selected emails.


Step 2

From the Add Tag tab user can either select the existing tag or create new tag to categorize the selected email data. Click on the Create option to create new tag for email Tagging.


Step 3

o create new forensic evidence tags, provide the Tag Name, Tag Description. And also user can Nest the tags under the other for proper organization.


Step 4

After creating the new tag using email tagging software feature, select the tag user want to add on desired mails and click on the Save button. For single email user can add multiple tag according to the purpose.


Step 5

After the completion of email tagging process user can view the tagged files with the highlighted tags in the display tab.


Step 6

While multiple tags are present within the single document or database, you can easily sort & search the email by using the Tag column. Type the Tag Name and the emails with corresponding forensic evidence tags will be listed, thus provides easy search.