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Privilege Confidential Information

Mark as Privilege to Restrict the Evidence Sharing


Privilege is a fundamental legal term and property which resist the disclosure of the confidential and private data. During the email forensic investigation Mark email as privileged feature helps the investigators to protect the evidence by privilege confidential information by. Most commonly the forensic investigations are take place as teams. In such situations privilege evidence option will restrict email access and disclosure of information by the others.

In digital forensics privilege is the concept used for confidential evidence protection. Which help the custodian to refuse the revealing of private data and maintain the secrecy. During the investigation process the collected email evidence may also contain the private and personal informations, sharing of such information may leads to serious issues. To avoid such situations the investigators provide privilege to evidences. So that the privileged email evidence can only be access by the respective person or others will restrict for perform some actions on it. By making the email data as privileged the custodian restrict email access by others. This restriction allows to perform or access particular information by the others

Privilege Confidential Information with Email Examiner Tool

Confidential evidence protection option entitles a custodian to refuse to disclose some of their confidential communications to another party including the courts, tribunals, regulatory bodies and enforcement agencies. It is an absolute right and, once it has been established, can only be overridden in very limited circumstances. Follow to bellow section to understand the process of marking the email as privileged for the protect the data from revealing.

Mark As Privilege

The software considered to protect the privacy of certain information. The emails that needs to be protected can selected and can be locked using privileged evidence feature. To protect confidential information select the evidences data from the mailbox. Then, either click on the Mark as Privilege button of email forensic tool or right click choose the privilege option to restrict the email access.

Mark As Privilege

Restricted Emails

As soon as Mark Email as Privileged option is executed, a lock icon appears in front of the selected emails, it signifying that the emails are now privileged evidence which are not available to disclose.

Restricted Emails

Error on Restricted Expor

The privilege confidential information will not be available for exporting or converting. The Effort to export the privilege evidence information will generate error.