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This lite version of the primary MailXaminer tool is designed specially to counter all hurdles of digital forensics email investigation. With the support of 80+ email clients, forensicators can now deeply examine emails from various mail clients in 20+ file formats & 750+ MIME types.



MailClientXaminer Supports Various Mail Clients In Investigation

Examining email files is now easy with the support of multiple email clients.

  • The MailClientXaminer is compatible with 80+ mail clients & can easily investigate the emails from them along with their attachments, metadata, hex properties, & other crucial elements without any kind of hassles.
  • The tool can easily investigate the emails of several email clients such as Apple Mail, Google Takeout, Microsoft Outlook, MS Exchange Server, Incredimail, Communigate Mail Server, Lotus Notes, Windows Live Mail, Etc.

Evidence Loading

Mail Client Forensics Software Loads Evidence Smartly

Loading various types of data files is now more convenient for digital forensics experts with MailClientXaminer as it offers extensive features to simplify the management of the cases.

Case Management

The software offers a case stockroom to manage all the investigation cases efficiently & assigning them to the respective fornicator.

File Scanning

Log unprocessed items, logs at case path, upload attachments while scanning, etc are the options to select at the time of file scanning.

Custom Settings

It has three hash settings (MD5, SHA1, and SHA256) along with customizable decryption settings like detecting digital signatures, encryption, etc.

Evidence Loading

Preview Options

Preview Options

Distinctive Preview Options are Offered to Digital Forensicators

Digital forensics experts can get detailed preview options for their email evidence without installing any third-party application in their system. This evidently compliments the data integrity & confidentiality.

Multiple Modes & Options

View emails, calendars, loose files, chat, calls, and SMS in message view, properties view, message header view, MIME, HTML, RTF, and HEX view.

Attachments Preview

The mail client investigation tool allows previewing the attachments of email files. Moreover, it will recover & highlight the deleted data files in red color.

Customized Columns

Select & deselect columns on various parameters such as subject, from, to, sent, received, size, MD5, etc as per your custom requirements of the case.

Profound Searches

A Plethora of Search Options Opens Closed Doors of Data Examining

The MailClientXaminer comes with a detailed search section for investigators. The availability of multiple search options, types, and languages makes the entire examination of digital evidence smooth & error-free.

Multiple Search Types

This tool offers various search types like general search, fuzzy search, proximity search wildcard search, regular expression, etc.

Diverse Search Filters

Standard filter, keyword filter, tags filter, custodian filter, etc are present in this tool that focuses on a selective search to save time.

Multi-Language Search

Search in multiple languages as per the requirements. Creation of fresh test cases for different searches as per the requirements is possible.

Profound Searches

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Intense Analysis

Analyze Various Email Client Evidence Cleverly

The smart Analysis section of the MailClientXaminer is now more optimized for better Analysis of email evidence from various email clients. Hence, it does it job properly without letting down the investigator.

  • Link Analysis - Deeply examine physical or digital links between nodes, people, transactions, organizations, etc, along with the new enhanced dashboard of the tool.
  • Timeline Analysis - Investigation of various email clients' evidence within a specific time frame is now hassle-free with the timeline analysis feature.
  • Word Cloud - Get to know the most discussed words from an email of pretty much any email client in the form of a word cloud along with advanced features.

Intense Analysis

Simplified Export

Simplified Export

Perform Streamline Export with the MailClientXaminer

After the analysis of all the evidence that experts have, exporting them in the desired file format is no big deal. Therefore, this software supports 20+ file formats with ease.

  • Customized Export Process - The digital forensics email client investigation software allows experts to execute their export tasks as per their requirements.
  • Selective Files & Folders Export - The advanced digital forensics software enable experts to export files or folders of different mail clients selectively.
  • Plenty of Export Options - EML, MSG, TIFF, PDF, HTML, PST, CSV, DAT, etc are some of the file formats in which the export can take place easily.

Detailed Report

Detailed Examined Report of the Digital Evidence Investigation

Getting a report for the cases that a forensicator handles is the least difficult but a significant task. Evidently, this digital forensics investigation tool offers multiple report types option to users.

  • Collective Report Types - Paralegals can create reports in several types based on their requirements to avoid unwanted clutter of data files.
  • Add Multiple Feilds in Report - Select & add required fields for the report like bookmarks, tags, keywords, subjects, etc to make the entire process smooth.
  • Two Report Formats - PDF & CSV Reports are possible to get for the email client forensic examiner after analyzing a particular case.

Detailed Report

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