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Keyboard Support

Keyboard Support for Case Study

Large numbers of system admins avoid mouse usage to handle their system & work only with the keyboard. Hotkeys are one of the most crucial part while working on systems using keyboard for different options & this forensic software comes with few hotkeys & compatibility to run on keyboard. Hotkeys are defined for some options & to access other options use Tab, Ctrl, Enter, Arrows etc.

Operation Shortcut
File Alt + F
New Case Ctrl + N
Open Case Ctrl + O
Import Case Ctrl + I
Save Case Ctrl + S
Close Case Ctrl + W
Add Evidence Ctrl + P
Exit Alt + F4
Option Alt + O
Select Language Alt + O + L
Select Language – English Alt + O + L + E
Select Language – Korean Alt + O + L + K
Select Language – Japanese Alt + O + L + J
Select Settings Alt + O + S
Select Settings – Processing Option Alt + O + S + P
Select Settings – Export Settings Alt + O + S + E
Select Settings – Service Alt + O + S + S
Help Alt + H
About Us Alt + H + A
Updates Alt + H + U
Export Ctrl + E
Export Jobs Ctrl + J
Bookmark Ctrl + B
Mark As Privilege Ctrl + M
Remove Privilege Ctrl + R
Add Tag Ctrl + T
Remove Tag Ctrl + U
Update IP Ctrl + F5
Logs Ctrl + L
Search / Filter Ctrl + F
Geo Location Ctrl + F7
Export As KML Ctrl + K
Usage of ALT Key

  • Suppose you want to move between the Menu then press Alt & the first key of the Menu option.
  • For example to move to the "File" option press "Alt and F", while use "Alt and O" to go to the Option menu & "Alt and H" to go to the Help option.

Note: Use Alt + First letter of Menu to go to the desired option, It is also known as Hotkeys.

 ALT Key

Use Navigation Arrows

  • Press "Alt+F" to move to the File menu, then use Arrows on keyboard to navigate through options under File menu.
  • For Example: if You want to Scan the File then Press Down arrow and the Enter button.

Note: Press Enter for performing the selected task.

Navigation Arrows

Use Tab option

Take an instance if you want to select Single File, then press the Tab button & go to the required File Type.

Tab option

Use Enter Key

Press "Enter" to open the browsing window. Select your file & again press "Enter"

Enter Key

Use Esc Button

  • Press "Esc" button to close the current window. You can even close the application with this command.
  • For Example if you want to close the "Browsing" window or active window then press the Esc button.

Esc Button