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CloudXaminer software focuses on email forensics investigation of cloud platfroms. It can easily investigate emails from all IMAP-supported platforms along with majorly used cloud platforms as well. It’s leading the segment with the feature of supporting not just 20+ file formats but also 750+ MIME types for the investigation.



CloudXaminer Supporting Multiple Cloud Platforms for Investigation

Investigate & analyze emails from all the major Cloud platforms with utmost accuracy.

  • Digital forensic experts can examine all the Cloud platforms supporting the IMAP Protocol with the CloudXaminer. It allows investigating emails along with their respective attachments, hex properties as well as metadata.
  • Digital forensicators can use this email investigation tool for well-known Cloud platforms as well. It supports Office 365, GMail, GSuite, HotMail, Live Exchange, Yahoo, Rackspace, Zoho Mail, and iCloud as well. Here also, the software handles the operations without any errors & lags.

Evidence Loading

CloudXaminer Loads Digital Evidence in Multiple File Formats

To examine almost all required data files, the Cloud email forensics tool supports over 20 file formats of emails without any hassles. Managing the cases is now more convenient for a standalone expert or even an entire digital forensic team.

Case Management

The dashboard compiles a section to manage all the investigation cases in an efficient manner to utilize the resources to their utmost potential.

File Scanning

While scanning the evidence, Log unprocessed items, logs at case path, upload attachments while scanning, & many other options are available.

Custom Settings

The three hash settings which are MD5, SHA1, & SHA256 make the software more dynamic in the presence of various additional features.

Evidence Loading

Preview Options

Preview Options

Versatile Preview of Digital Evidence with Multiple Options

To avoid data leaks & strengthen data integrity, In-depth preview options are offered to the cyber forensics experts without the installation of third-party applications in the system.

Distinctive Preview Options

The software allows previewing of emails, calendars, loose files, chat, calls, and SMS with support of properties, message, message header, RTF, HEX, MIME, & HTML views.

Preview Attachments

Emails often come with attachments in them that CloudXaminer can easily preview using the attachments preview option inbuilt seamlessly.

Customized Columns

Selecting or deselecting the columns based on various standards such as MD5, sent, received to, from, subject, etc depending upon the requirements.

Profound Searches

Variety of Search Options Enable Core Evidence Investigation

There is a long list of search options present in the CloudXaminer digital forensics examiner tool. Evidently, untouched areas of suspicious emails can be explored with these available search options irrespective of the challenges.

Numerous Search Types

The availability of varied search types such as general search, wildcard search, fuzzy search, regular expression, proximity search, etc eases examining.

Assorted Search Filters

Selective search can be performed by the investigator using the keyword filter, tags filter, custodian filter, etc to save crucial time as well as the resources.

Multi-Lingual Search

The presence of the feature to search in multiple languages increases the range of investigation across all cases as per the requirements.

Profound Searches

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Intense Analysis

CloudXaminer Allows Sharp Analysis of Digital Evidence

Analysis of the collected evidence is the most crucial part of a cyber investigation. The email investigation tool for the Cloud platform can easily handle that part with the advanced options given.

  • Link Analysis - To analyze the evidence of desired cloud platform within a specific time period is possible with the timeline analysis feature.
  • Timeline Analysis - Establish both physical & digital links between people, organizations, nodes, transactions, etc with the interactive dashboard of the software.
  • Word Cloud - The easiest way to know the words discussed maximum times from the emails is hassle-free using the Word Cloud feature of the tool.

Intense Analysis

Simplified Export

Simplified Export

Explore Top-Notch Evidence Export Attributes

Exporting is necessary & often requires custom actions as per different cases & investigation scenarios. Therefore, Cloud email forensics software provides essential assistance to the forensicators.

  • Customized Export Process - CloudXaminer allows the custom export process for the email investigation as per the requirements of the digital forensic examiners.
  • Selective Files & Folders Export - The export of selective files & folders from an investigation is not restricted as the software allows performing this function.
  • Plenty of Export Options - Email investigators can export their desired files in EML, MSG, PST, CSV, TIFF, DAT, PDF, HTML, & other formats with ease.

Detailed Report

Get an Extensively Examined Report of your Investigation

Generating a report for keeping records & further presentation of the investigation scenario is a significant aspect of digital forensics. Evidently, the software is feasible for users to get the complete report with essential elements in it.

  • Collective Report Types - Customizable decryption settings like detecting digital signatures, encryption, etc help in creating a comprehensive report of various types.
  • Add Multiple Feilds in Report - Select & add desired fields in your report like bookmarks, tags, keywords, subjects, etc based on the requirements & intensity of the report.
  • Two Report Formats - Generate the report in PDF & CSV format to meet all the requirements after the successful analysis of a Cloud platform mail investigation case.

Detailed Report

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Method of Functioning

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Case Management

Case Creation

Emails Analysis

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