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Forensic Case Management

What is Case Management?

Case management repository is created during an investigation for a better management of the case related details. A forensic case management tool must be capable of properly managing one or more cases altogether, that is why case management process emerges as a crucial option in Digital Forensics Investigation. There are particularly three ways of managing cases in digital forensics: creation of a new case, management of already existing cases, and further editing. Some other investigative case management solutions that make case management easier and convenient for investigators include: Create Case, Save Case, Open Case, Export Case, Import Case & Delete Case.

Importance of Forensic Case Management in Criminal Investigations


Artifacts Collection

Collection and management of artifacts is the primary task of Digital Forensics Investigation. But handling each Artifacts separately make very difficulty during the large case investigation. Hence the grouping of the collected artifacts based on the relation makes case management activities more simple.


Case Analysis

Case analysis is the main process follow to extract the evidence from the retrieved data. It allows examining the data in depth through different views and methods and obtain all related data from case management repository. Proper management of case helps in the fast analysis of data during the criminal investigation process.


Case Reporting

During the Forensic Investigation, the generation of the case report is an important and necessary case management process. The case reports are mainly used for future reference or Court procedure of data. The report contains information related to the date, time and amount of data retrieved accessed and processed.


Search and Indexing

During the criminal investigation process, searching for particular evidence from the case repository is the most time consuming process. In such a situation advanced searching options and the indexing process help to find out result more fast & accurately.


Transfer Of Data

While working with large investigation team, the transferring of data is a necessary case management process. The transfer of data enables multiple investigators to work collaboratively on the same case from different platforms and also it allow to archive the data for future reference.


Chain of Custody Management

Proper event tracking is important during Forensic Investigation. The management of the chain of custody helps to obtain sequence of information like who had contact with evidence date, time and circumstance of evidence handled, actions done on it etc.

How Tool Helps Investigators to Manage Case Repository

The forensic case management tool provides basic functions that allow the investigators to manage their case portfolios in an efficient manner. The Case Management functionality provided by the investigation software is a package of the following mentioned features.

Case Management Activities via MailXaminer


Create New Case

The software allows to create case repositories in bulk. Provide case details such as "Title, Description and Case Directory" and create new cases.

Open Case

Forensic Case Management software allows to open the existing case from the repository and continue the analysis process just by clicking on any existing case.

open case
edit case

Edit Case

Any case from the case management repository can easily be edited using the Edit Case option. This helps in updating the previously entered case details.

Delete Case

Delete Case option erases the case from the software. This option can be useful to remove the case from the software after the analysis in the case is completed.

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delete case