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Working with Keywords while Using the MailXaminer Tool

MailXaminer | November 30th, 2017 | Forensics

Crime has always been a part and parcel of society. Now that technology is infused into our daily lives, the cyber world also threatens peril. To prevent Cybercrime and other challenges posed in this era of technological innovation, Software helps you manage investigations, evidence testing, and proper email forensics. With MailXaminer, mischief and crime can be tracked and its impact can be curtailed before huge losses occur.

Our in-depth email investigation tool is trusted by hundreds of investigators for their email examination. Initiate the digital investigative process by uploading data inputs into the toll that need to be screened for related keywords which are the most relevant details of your investigation.

In our previous blog post, we showed you the initial step of using the tool, that is, Case Creation and Processing Options. In this video, we will walk you through our vast Keyword Search feature that will allow you to achieve precise results in very short time.



The forensic tool allows keywords to be added prior to processing, which can be added individually or in a CSV file with a list of keywords. For example, for neutral evidence custodian in some civil cases, one of the tasks might be to provide the plaintiff responsive files that the defendant agreed to turnover based on keywords and the date range decided on in a meeting. So, one can import those keywords and case creation and have them automatically searched during case processing. And then simply produce the responsive files for review.