Victims Call for MailXaminer Aid after the Biggest 'Cyber Monday' in History

Published By Anurag Sharma
Anuraag Singh
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Published On December 1st, 2017
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Unlike a usual Monday, Cyber Monday immediately follows the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. and continues to grow as the penultimate day for shopaholics. Cyber Monday has practically grown into a holiday of its own thanks in part to eCommerce giants like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and more. It’s a day when retailers tend to maximize discounts to attract online customers returning to work after a long hiatus and time spent with family. The threat of Data Theft Increases by tenfold over the average weekday as Online retailers notoriously send numerous emails, notifications, and promotions; time-sensitive e-shopping deals this year were more common than ever.


According to eDataSource, “55.4% more email campaigns on Black Friday this year than they sent in 2015, and they sent 42% more on Cyber Monday from a year earlier.” In addition to email, many retailers now send SMS offers as well as oodles of push notifications due to an increase in data points collected from their customers. This online extravaganza invites hacking attacks and paves the way for fraudulent activities and irresponsible online behavior on a massive scale.

Amplified Risks Owing to Mobile Purchases

Cyber Monday began around 2006 when employees saved their online shopping for Monday to utilize the often faster internet connection at their place of work. This year Mobile purchases are expected to exceed those made on desktops says ( In a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environment like is common with many businesses today, this essentially is the biggest potential risk-day for organizations in the United States.

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