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Effortless Tricks to Trace Email Address – Check Out Here!

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Are you an investigating officer who wants to trace a specific email address from the oversized email data file? If yes, then you are fortunate indeed to find this post. Here, we will highlight the smartest software to diligently trace email address in a simplified way.

The process of email investigation often gets stuck while digging the path through which the email has traversed. Additionally, the investigation process is improved when the IP address of the sent or received email address is known. This will enable forensic experts to perform an in-depth investigation of the occurred crime.

Many times, there comes an instance wherein investigators face a challenging situation in terms of finding artefacts from the suspect email. Moreover, to make the search process simplified, if the email address of the alleged offender is well-known, then the investigation time required can be lowered. Through this blog, we will highlight the perfect approach to trace email addresses conveniently.

Let’s consider a case scenario mentioned below to understand broadly:

“I have been working as a forensic examination officer since past 7 years. For the ongoing investigation of the cybercrime, we need to trace the email address, also the IP address from all the suspected email addresses. However, as there are bulk emails from the large-sized PST file, it is consuming a lot of time to manually analyze every single email message. Is there some instant solution to trace the email address? Please suggest!”

An All-Rounder & Professional Utility to Trace Email Address

MailXaminer Email Analysis Software is a one-stop solution for all your email investigation challenges. The software is induced with the best set of features that helps to comprehensively analyze emails. It is capable enough to support files from both desktop and web-based email applications. Furthermore, using the advanced search options, one can easily navigate those suspected emails within a few number of clicks.

So, let’s first understand the procedure to trace email address using the powerful search mechanism.

How to Trace Email Address Using MailXaminer – Best Email Examiner

MailXaminer comes up with an out of the box feature i.e., advanced search options. In this feature, users can avail of various search options based on their requirements. The different search function includes General Search, Proximity Search, Regular Expression, Stem Search, Fuzzy Search, and Wildcard Search.

Step 1: Once the software is launched on your system, click on Add Evidence and create a case by filing all the required details

Step 2: From the Add File wizard, upload the email data file from the Browse button and click Add

Add File to Trace Email Address

Step 3: After that, the software will scan the uploaded file. Once the scanning status becomes completed, click the View button

View File

Step 4: From the bottom left corner, go to the Search option. From where users can choose the desired option to perform a search

Step 5: Using the “General Search” option, investigators can simply enter the suspected email address. As a result, the software will filter all the emails associated with the mentioned email address

Search Email Address

Step 6: In addition to that, the software is also capable to Trace Email Address by IP Address. For that, mention the IP address in the search field and find all those emails, which corresponds to that particular IP address. With this, it becomes easy to narrow down the emails from the bulk email messages thereby simplifying the investigation process

Trace Email Address by IP Address

Step 7: Upon double-clicking the email address, one can navigate to Message Header to check the IP Address as shown below.

Message Header to Check IP Address

Concluding Remarks

During the case investigation process, there comes an instance wherein forensic examiners have to trace the email address. In such cases, it becomes extremely tiresome to manually evaluate suspected email addresses out of the bulk email messages.

Therefore, the ultimate solution is described above in an understandable manner. Using the versatile software i.e., MailXaminer, one can efficiently find the email address within the least span of time.