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What is Email Spoofing?
MailXaminer | Modified: 14-12-2017 | Forensics | 2 Minutes Reading

Crime has been ever existent and till date, there is no respite to humankind from this peril. Occurrences of crime have not that much reduced, but their methods have changed drastically. Cybercrime is the new vocabulary in the dictionary of criminals.

Cybercriminals from the corporate clan, who even seem to have the tremendous technical knowledge, are trying to spoof email addresses where they tamper it with the sole purpose of deception. And also, the emails that can track the crime and the criminal are even tried to be erased from the systems in order to close the doors of the investigation, which can only open once those emails are recovered and tracked. Dealing with spoofed email addresses and deleted container mail can be done by the MailXaminer tool, which can be a great tool in the hands of forensic investigators.


While using the Email Header Examiner tool, on right-clicking any email, when a preview is selected, then one can view the message header that has the Metadata of that email, including details like email sender, recipient, time of email etc. With the investigative approach, this message header and Metadata is used in civil and criminal cases as evidence, but at times, emails can be spoofed in order to conceal the identity of the sender. Forensic investigators can use this software as their forensic arm to deal with spoofed emails and deleted container mail.