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MailXaminer | January 29th, 2018 | Forensics

Even after following all stringent protocols, people still unknowingly leave rooms for crimes to be committed. Victims are usually ignorant of such practices. This is where forensic investigators help in unveiling the truth through crime detection techniques. But with advanced technical aids available to criminals, they also need technology to empower them with forensic tools that can aid them in the process of investigations. Third-party tools like the very efficient MailXaminer tool proves to be very helpful for most such investigating agencies to perform their investigations and unveil factual evidence.

The video of MailXaminer Tool discusses the search tab and will demonstrate the search functionality. From the main search tab, the search options help in the better filtering of data. Most of the times, when any data is checked for forensic investigations, there are plenty of emails and other data from which the active forensic leads have to be dug into. Digging up into oodles of emails and email data is not a cakewalk, but if the investigators are backed by useful tools, then the legal investigations can be made easier and smarter. The search option in the Email Analysis tool provides just that, making the findings smarter than ever. By just putting a name/keyword in the search box, one can get the data related to that feed.